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Ethiopian Federal Government to release budget for Tigray

Getachew Reda _ Ethiopian gov't
Getachew Reda, Interim president of Tigray regional state (Photo : DW )

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – President of Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State, Getachew Reda, said that the Federal Government has decided to release  budget for the region. Getachew told Ethiopian Insider that regarding the amount of the budget further discussion would be held ahead.  

Following the establishment of the interim government, there has been a consensus to release the subsidy budget that was suspended as per the decision made by the House of Federation in September 2021. Ethiopian Insider said that the budget allocation was suspended as the regional government has conducted an unconstitutional election without the official knowledge of the Federal Government.  

The Federal Government, which dissolved the leadership after its “illegal election”, has long been out of touch with the region. The relation, which was deteriorated by the war, has gradually shown a tendency of improvement after the Pretoria peace agreement signed between Tigray Region and the Federal Government, Ethiopian Insider said. 

The newly elected president of the interim government Getachew Reda shouldered responsibilities to establish and lead the executive body of his government. The statement given days before by the PM office indicated that the interim government would include the representation of various political forces mobilizing in the region. Ethiopian Insider quoted sources as saying that Getachew is currently in Addis Ababa along with his newly elected 11 cabinet members to discuss with the Federal Government. The cabinet of the Interim government has embraced members of TPLF, senior military officials and intellectuals, according to the news source.

Though Getachew said about the soon to be conducted discussion regarding the amount of the budget, the Federal Government has already allocated last June 13.3 billion birr for the region during the ratification of the 2015 Ethiopian annual Budget. Of the total budget, 12.42 billion birr was earmarked for the subsidy budget while the difference was allotted for sustainable development goals.


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  1. This is a good sign and the right thing to do. In fact it is about time!!! It will improve the lives of innocent civilians.


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