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Ethiopian PM says if gov’t wants to disintegrate Ethiopia no one can stop it

Christian Tadele, an opposition member of parliament, asked if Ethiopian Prime Minister has any plans to resign given his government is unable to enforce rule of law in the country

Abiy Ahmed speaking at the parliament, March 28,2023. (Photo :screenshot from Fana TV video


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday appeared at the Ethiopian Parliament to deliver a six month report.

Members of the parliament posed a number of questions to him. One of the questions he faced was about concern that Ethiopians seem to have that the ruling party has betrayed the country and that it is practically working to disintegrate the country.

PM Abiy labeled the question as the “joke of the year.” As part of his response to the question, he said that if the government wants to disintegrate the country no one can stop it.

He was also asked by an opposition member of parliament if he had any intention to resign, like Hailemariam Desalege, given the inability of his government to enforce the rule of law. The prime minister framed his response in a way that he is not personally responsible for everything. And then he linked the situation to “ballot box” and said that he will resign if he is not elected.

Christian Tadele, an opposition member of parliament, was frank about the sentiment that Ethiopians are having towards the Prime Minister. The Prime minister is told that he is giving a lip service towards Ethiopia while he is practically working to disintegrate it.

Watch the parliamentary session from the embedded video below

Video : embedded from Fana TV Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. QUOTE ” The Prime minister is told that he is giving a lip service towards Ethiopia while he is practically working to disintegrate it.”very foreboding” UNQUOTE

    What else is there to say than the above precarious future of Ethiopia. TRAGEDY.
    Who ever thought that the OLDEST INDEPENDENT BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY — RICH IN HISTORY — around the GLOBE would end up in such a disgraceful manner?!?!?!?
    Wow! Wow! Wow! Indeed, THE GLOBAL WORLD has so many mysterious things in its pockets.
    As the French put it: “C’est la VIE.

  2. The pm is incompetent. Never takes responsibility for anything. His arrogance arising from stupidity has no limits. He thinks because he sees himself and his thugs as “”government”, the course, direction and fate of the Over 100 million Ethiopians rests in his hand. Let this buffoon and imbecile learn from history. He is an I infinitesimal dot, a nobody in the history of Ethiopia. In fact his 5 miserable years so far constitute roughly only 5/2015 years (AD) of the thousands of years of Ethiopian history. That is less than 0.25% of Ethiopia’s past history in the last 2015 years. In other words 99.75% of Ethiopia’s history and governance has almost nothing to do with this fool masquearding as Dictator Perpetuo, Ceasar and a demigod. His entire miserable existence since birth itself only constitutes 2% let alone his shoddy appearance to the political arena in that cursed year of 2018. Even one of the greatest Emperors of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie, who governed for 46 years or so spans only 2.28% out of the 2015 years of the nation.

    The reason for these quantifications is to nudge and cajole the general public to put things in perspective, and to realize how this puny minded person masquerading as a leader with his equally or even worse puny minded thugs are just specks, dusts and more. Their noises, endless trumpets and egomaniacal self aggrandizements will not amount to not more than a fraction of a percent when all is said and done. And their doom and ejection is not that far. What can this power and war monger offer Ethiopia and Ethiopians?????? Lies????? More lies???? Theft???? Corruption of all institutions??? Nothing worthy or of substance has been accomplished on his watch. Here is his legacy:

    1) came to power with rhetoric ( did have the support and good will of tens and tens of millions)
    2) he apologized on behalf of EPRDF’s past egregious crimes and promised to do better
    3) killed or orchestrated the killings of those in Amhara region who he saw as threat to his oromumma
    4)became a war monger because of personal dispute between Debre Tsion and himself
    5) launched a war with TPLF and killed over 200,000 people
    6) spent billions and destroyed infrastructure of a poor nation, in particular in Amhara, Tigray, Afar
    6) caused the highest IDPs in the entire world, displacing somewhere close to 9 million people total
    7) caused man made starvation throughout the country
    8) destroyed the currency and caused devaluation of -150%
    9) triggered inflation north of 40%, highes in Sub Saharan Africa
    10) attacked religious institutions including the EOTC, and Islamic religious institutions
    11) orchestrated hereto unseen instability, violation of right to life in Ethiopian history
    12) created enabling environment for embezzlement, theft and robberies throughout the country.
    13) after all the ENDF, regional volunteer life sacrifices, he brought back tplf intact

    Name one good thing that has happened in Ethiopia since his arrival??????????????


    Time to have responsible thugs in his squad be held accountable

    Time for him to to step down. It is okay to say all these things are way over my head. I cannot handle it.

  3. This upstart guy is getting outraging,
    arogant and wicker by the day. He reality think he is a real genius and he is the 7the king as his mother prophesied in lullaby long ago. He is even blackmailing .Let us see where he will be in few years time
    The emperor has absolutely no clothes.

  4. abiy let us tell you in black and white – you cannot disintegrate Ethiopia before you have killed tens of millions of real Ethiopians. You may think that the numbers you have killed so far make you believe you can do it. we know the Illuminati wants more blood but your secret is now out….thnk you for sincerity

  5. ‘ …if the government wants to disintegrate the country no one can stop it’. Okay young man, I will hold you to it. This shows those who want to see that country go bell up and fall apart are in the minority. It is my honest conviction that this young prime minister is not part of those in the minority of house wreakers. What he seems to be not sure is how his regime take care of those miscreants wreaking havoc in Western part of the country. They have been using civilians as human shields and turn around and rob and hold them for ransoms. They are a bunch of factions following their own agendas. As it has always been customary with all ‘liberation’ fronts it is a matter of time before they start fighting each other with one having no mercy for the others. You name any ‘liberation’ front and you will find out their history of bloody factional wars until one comes of the ultimate and dominant winner.


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