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Ethiopian PM rejects call for resignation, gives Ethiopians option for democracy or dictatorship 

An opposition member of the parliament said prime minister Abiy Ahmed  is incapable of revolving lawlessness and security. He asked him why he is not resigning

Ethiopian PM during his presence at the parliament, March 28, 2023 (Photo : screenshot from EBC video)


Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday appeared at the parliament to present a six-month report.  It came at a time when Ethiopians are increasingly wary of the security situation in the country and what many politicized Ethiopians describe as state-sponsored lawlessness.  Beyond presenting the report, he was meant to address questions. 

From restrictions on citizens’ mobility to Ethiopia to the lawlessness by an unidentified group (believed to have a connection with Abiy Ahmed’s government security establishment) that kidnaps journalists and activists from the capital and drives them to the Oromia region to the demolition of citizen’s house in the outskirts of Addis Ababa was an issue that needed an answer from the Prime Minister. These are issues on which human rights organizations in the country and opposition parties have been expressing concerns. 

However, the PM minister’s approach to the questions was rather dismissive and condescending. Regarding the restrictions on the mobility of Ethiopians, especially from the Amhara region, he literally reiterated the view that  Addis Ababa Mayor said a week or so ago. His government thinks that the movement of people is intended to create chaos in the capital. In an effort to prove his points, he went to the extent of pulling data that claims that 96 percent of people who live in plastic houses in the capital Addis Ababa area are people who recently entered the capital. But he did not mention if they are also people who were displaced from the Oromia region and whose houses were bulldozed by the Oromia region. 

Asked what the government thinks about the skepticism that Ethiopians are developing about his government working on the project of disintegrating Ethiopia, he trivialized it as the “joke of the year.” But he did not end there. He said, “if the government wants to disintegrate the country, who is there to stop it?” in a way asserting the power he has been consolidating amid multifarious crises, some of which claimed tens of thousands of lives, in different parts of the country.  At one point, he even said “we need Ethiopia and we will not disintegrate it.” But he advised members of the parliament (and Ethiopians) to be comfortable with the “new reality.” Some ethnic nationalist forces that are active on social media often express similar sentiments. 

Another parliamentarian, Christian Tadele of NaMA, to be specific, asked him why he is not considering resigning given the failure of his government to lawlessness. His response was of course rejectionist. Distorting the question to the point that it sounds trivial is not something new for the Prime Minister.  The opposition member of parliament who posed the question has to be ridiculed. Laughter has become a way of demonstrating the ruling party’s absolute dominance in the house since the time of Prime Minister Zenawi. Even Abiy Ahmed’s party has more than 90 percent of control in the house. Abiy Ahmed’s final answer to the “resign” question runs like “I have three more years.”

Rather, the PM indicated that there Ethiopia could lead to “dictatorship” and then disintegration if what he called the “path to democracy” is impaired.


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  1. “path to democracy” Abiy.

    I hate to rain on his little-party, “democracies” in the West are becoming “In Name-Only” with little or no ‘democratic” content.
    Free-speech the corner-stone of “democracies, is no longer “free” even Presidents are being CANCELED from participating in social-media (“they are private” is the bigoted reasoning) news-medias that are not “controlled” by the “Deepstate” are banned completely under the disguise of “National-Security” .

    Here is George Galloway of Britain speaking this last week.

    “The form of democracy in Western countries is devoid”

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=1zq4v0lgKwo

    “Path to democracy” has to at least show some “democratic principles” such as human-rights, but the opposite is true in Ethiopia, where police are shooting tear-gas into churches in the middle of prayers, where citizens cannot celebrate ADWA victory day.
    It is a disgrace.

    Better days are coming.
    Be well.

    • I must add this speech from an African in the Beijing seminar this last week.

      President of Socialist Party of Zambia: Human development is not sustainable on basis of plunder

      Source = youtube.com/watch?v=aGQlUxkP1XQ

      Be well.

  2. I am glad to read in this article that the Prime Minister is being asked tough questions. He is the man on the spot and his feet should be put to the fire, meaning, he should be kept on his toes. My gut feeling about him is that he is not one of those dreamers of a carved out seceded ‘republic’. I don’t think he has boarded a ship with those who want to see that gem of the colored wither away/disintegrate beyond repair. But there is one reality that I had pointed on more than one occasion before. Anyone who is elected to be the prime minister of that country should not come from the two largest ethnic groups; Oromos and Amharas. Not anymore! Anyone from these two groups will be bringing baggage with him/her all the way to the palace. If he/she is an Amhara bigots will have a field day with him. They will call him a modern day ‘neftegna’ ala Menelik. If he is an Oromo he will be called all kinds derisive names. He will be accused of turning the entire country into Oromia aka Oromumma. I say the next prime minister should be a Somali, Afar, Sidama, Gambela or from other ethnic groups. Tigres are out of the question as long as they let the TPLF continue to be the dominant party in their region. So if I have my wishes Amhara, Oromo and Tigre should stay out of the premiership until this craze with ethnicity is tamed in the psyche of the general public and that may take decades. Amharas, you are out! Oromos, you are out! Tigres, you are out! Then again it is just my wishes!!!

  3. These legitimate complaints about rampart violence in many corners of that country may lead those in the government especially the military to think it is time for a ‘strong man’ to come to a rescue. That has been a concern to me for quite a while now. Those bigots who are running around inside the country wreaking havoc and those among us would love to see a dictator takes over the leadership of the country so the choiceless youth will come flocking to their joints in the bushes. That will be a perfect match with 1975-77. We human beings have short memories of many past occasions. Some among civilians have become so gullible that they are even being heard calling for a ‘strong’ man to come and straighten things out, the lack of peace in particular.

  4. Western “democracy” or other forms of democratic-governance that fits the value and culture of the population.

    Former Malaysian minister: “Essence of democracy is inclusivity, not multiparty system”

    Source = youtube.com/watch?v=62VaUvRAwWY

    Great presentation, speech.

    “Democracy” is not a “copy & past” system of solution, democratic-governance is a living system that needs to bend and turn as needed to fit the value and cultures of the society it is implemented to serve, that make sure all its citizens are fairly and Equally accommodated and served without exception.

    The western-democracy looks primarily after property-holders or now Corporations first, and those that are organized-donner groups, followed by the everyday voter and the rest. That is why the economic inequality, judicial inequalities among the citizens of the state is out of control.

    Chines socialist-democracy is about people first and the economy to better all-peoples life’s rich and not so rich, void of favoritism.

    What Ethiopia needs a a social-democracy where individual-equal-right is respected across the bored and is void of favoritism.

    Be well.

  5. Abiy Ahmed has successfully given a perfect answer to the monkies from Ezema and they were terribly ashamed. Down down ezema and amhara radical monkey like people.
    VIva PP crush and dismantle radical terrorist amhara associations, including mahibreseytan call itself kidusan

  6. አብይን እንዲህ የምትጨቀጭቁት – “ክልል የለውም!” – ብላችሁ ነው አይደል? እኔ ጥሩ አስታራቂ ሐሳብ አለኝ – የሸዋ ኦሮሞዎች ከፈቀዱ [አዲስ አበባ መሬታቸው ስለሆነ] -:-

    ለአብይ አይነት [እናቱ አማራ/ክርስትያን///አባቱ ኦሮሞ/እስላም] – ከተለያየ ዘር፣ ሐይማኖት፣ ወዘተ ቤተሰቦች ለተወለዱ – አዲስ አበባን እንስጣቸው እና ሌሎቻችን ወደዘራችን ክልል እንመለስ!

    ጎጃም እና ጎንደር እናስፍራቸው ካልን – የአማራ ሸኔ – “አማራ ተወረርክ! ተነስ!” – ብሎ ጦርነት ያውጅባቸዋል! ኦሮምያማ – 15 ሚልዮን አማራ – እና – የኦሮሞ ሸኔ – ጦርነት ያውጅባቸዋል!

    Since ≈20% [≈ 24 million] of Ethiopians is of mixed ethnic/religious ancestry MERA, Addis [AA] will be a UNESCO-registered 86-Ethnic MERA Museum. Isn’t that great?

    What about the 3 million Amaras in AA [≥90% Gojjamés & Gonderés]? Expedite GERD & Lake Tana development and give them jobs: farms, fisheries, tour guides, pimps, etc.

    What about the Tigrés? Deploy them to ቆላ ተምቤን to dig out the loot the TPLF buried there. Let them share it with Tigray and make Tigré poverty history. Why beg USAID?

  7. Borkena is simply exaggerating to advance its propaganda in support of Amhara elites’ backward agenda. You should have presented House member Christian Tedele’s question alongside the PM’s answer. I have lost the scanty respect I had for Borkena. Borkena and ZeHabesha are into yellow journalism and quick $$.

  8. Abiy’s paid bots are busy on this comment section. Must be a tough job. Even for his ministers, trusted advisors … all the professional government officials who have to put on a good show for the public. They must be cringing with shame every time this deranged man opens his mouth. There isn’t a single statement they can defend without sounding like total idiots. Not one.

  9. Only an idiot who is blinded with self importance would put the case in such imbecilic forms. Either democracy or dictatorship. Ok genius, let’s go genius pm.
    Democracy entails:
    1)rule of law
    3) due process
    4) freedom of movement
    5) transparent government
    6) respect of constitutional rights of citizens
    7)separation of church and state
    8) freedom of religion
    9) right to life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness

    Since Mr. PM Morono aka Pm Pinnochio cannot deliver any of that, and has clearly shown his true self, then by his own dichotomy he is a dictator. Thanks for admitting you are nothing but a tinpot dictator running a banana republic.

    Do you now see the basis for the call for your resignation.

    The blabbering about “get used to this normal” doe not hold water. In your oromumma world, it’s ok to shoot tear gas at parishioners, to slap priests in public, to displace millions including mothers, kids and the elderly, to burn churches and mosques, to stone priests to death, to kidnap political dissenters, to steal, to murder. That is in your barbaric world. In the real world that is not normal and civilized way to live. Thus the crimes and “your new normal” will be exposed to the world, your true identity will be divulged and scrutinized every day, every hour, every minute, every second. All your actions, words, activities will be documented. You and your cohorts will not escape from being held accountable!!!!!!!!

  10. Just tired of lies! Here is – The Abiy Fact Sheet – [Abiy vs. Former Amara-Dominated Tyrant Regimes (FADTR)]:

    I). The FADTR STARVED Ethiopians and made Ethiopia SYNONYMOUS with “Famine & World’s Poster Child of Poverty” and turned “We Are the World” in to the World’s National Anthem for Ethiopia! Why would any Ethiopian ever want them back?

    II). In their ≥50-year-reign, have ALL the FADTR combined done an iota of what Abiy has done for Ethiopia in ≤5 years? Here is a bird’s-eye view of Abiy’s accomplishment:

    1). Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat despite TPLF/OLF/OLA/IFLO*-staged assassination attempt; COVID; Egypt-WSW*-orchestrated Riots/Proxy Wars; WSW-imposed drastic Birr devaluation; WSW’s embargo/sanctions, aid/loan cancellations; drought; IDPs*; etc.

    2). Abiy kept TPLF-bankrupted Ethiopia afloat with $1 billion from UAE’s Prince MBZ.

    3). Unlike the EDI*, Abiy REFUSED to sell Ethiopia to Egypt & Egypt’s WSW Patrons. He also repulsed Proxy Wars unleashed via their Dogs: TPLF, OLF/OLA/IFLO, etc.

    4). Green & Clean Ethiopia: Afforestation Campaign – Ethiopia planted ≥25 billion trees.

    5). Child-Friendly Ethiopia: Feeds 10 million students twice a day; gives free school supplies; built many primary & secondary schools with sale from his Medemer* book;

    6). Citizen-Feeding Ethiopia: All-in-one Mega Bakeries built in populous towns sell bread at rock bottom prices; Addis feeds 45,000 twice a day at 15 community centers;

    7). Citizen-Rescuing Ethiopia: Over 700,000 rescued from degrading life & flown home;

    8). Abiy built a World-Class Robust Ethio Defence Force & Law Enforcement Agencies from scratch WHILE dismantling the ones that served-and-protected TPLF for 27 years;

    9). Abiy built World-Class Industrial Parks that employ thousands of Ethiopians: Akaki-Kaliti, Nazret, Awassa, Debre-Berhan, Bahir-Dar, Kombolcha, Dire-Dawa, Jimma, etc.

    10). Agriculture has flourished: From begging for wheat to surplus; millions of hectares of mechanized & irrigated farms; farmers got hundreds of farm machinery, pumps, etc.

    11). Abiy’s Dinner Fund-Raisers for World-Class Projects [Parks and Tourism]: Mesqel Square, Entoto Park, Unity Park, Friendship Park, Gorgora, Koisha, Wonchi, etc.

    12). Massive miscellaneous projects are completed or on track – AGAINST ALL ODDS:
    i). Electrification [Hydro/Wind/Solar/Geo], industrialization, mechanization, Telecom;
    ii). Addis shot from open-air public toilet [rivers, empty lots, etc.] to world-class city;
    iii). Affordable housing projects, shanty town upgrades, sports facilities, etc.;
    iv). Road Networks: 450 km asphalt in Gojjam alone, Abbay Bridge at Bahir-Dar, etc.

    *IFLO: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia – defunct but embedded in OLF/OLA
    *WSW: White Supremacist West /// *IDP: Internally Displaced People
    *EDI: Ethiopian Diaspora Intellectual
    * First Medemer sale ≈Birr 111 million: fanabc.com/archives/29187

  11. PM Abiy Ahmed is an Incompetent liar who wants to extend his power through deceit, murder, ethnic cleansing and jailing innocent while rewarding savage criminals OLF/Shene and TPLF. He has miserably failed Ethiopia and costed millions of humans lives through ethnic cleansing scheme and war ( Amharas, Afars, Federal Army). The country is suffering economically, socially and governmentally that he destroyed the great tradition of Ethiopians living in harmony and happly

  12. Abiy & GERD: They are Ethiopia’s INDISPENSABLE UNSTOPPABLE DUO [IUD]. No matter how shrill the whining of Egypt & its Patrons [the White Supremacist West (WSW) & the Arab League (AL)] gets and however desperate the WSW’s & AL’s Proxy Wolves in Ethiopian Sheep’s Clothing become, the IUD should keep propelling Ethiopia to its ‘Escape Velocity’ and UNSHACKLE it from the WSW’s & AL’s Perpetual Fetters.

    Ethiopians SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER these two TERRIBLE SONGS that made Ethiopia SYNONYMOUS with “FAMINE” & “World’s Poster Child of Poverty”:

    1). Tilahun Gessesse’s: “ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!” ሲሉ – “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ ….” [Circa 1975].

    2). The ‘World’s national anthem for Ethiopia’: “We are the World!” … [Circa 1985]

    ኢትዮጵያን እና ሕዝቧን – እንዲህ ያዋረዱ አረመኔዎች ናቸው – አሁን ምዕራባውያን ሐገራት ተቀምጠው – የኢትዮጵያ ተቆርቋሪ የአዞ እንባቸውን የሚያዘንቡት! እነሱው ናቸው እንግዲህ – “እኛ ወደ ሥልጣን ካልተመለስን – ኢትዮጵያ ትፈርሳለች፣ ኢትዮጵያ አለቀላት፣ ወዘተ” የሚሉት!


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