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Premier to appear at parliament to respond questions

Ethiopian Pm _ mar 27
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed (Photo : SM/file)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed is expected to give responses and clarifications to questions forwarded by Representatives of the House, sources said. Ethiopian Insider said here today that the Premier would appear in the House on Tuesday, 28 March 2023 to react to questions raised by MPs. The source said that Representatives of the House of Peoples submitted their questions, which are to be forwarded to the Premier, last week-ends.

Representatives of the House were informed to submit their questions while they were attending a training which was held on 18 March 2023. An anonymous source told Ethiopian Insider that MPs were notified to submit their questions as soon as possible. This same source said that the time given for the submission was short. They were concerned that they should take time to prepare themselves for the questions to be directed to the premier. “They allowed us to have one more day and we were supposed to submit until late last Sunday,” the source said.

Many Representatives of the House were not allowed to submit their questions after the expiring date of the last ultimatum, he said. 

House Procedures and Members’ Code of Conduct state that any MP who wants to forward written questions should submit them to the House of Speaker ten days ahead. The Speaker can accept or reject the questions, the Code indicates.

A Representative of the House told Ethiopian Insider that the Speaker of the House would sit with chief government representatives to go through all the questions and identify the appropriate ones to be forwarded to the Premier.

Issues on cost of living, barring gates of Addis Ababa against citizens coming from Amhara Region can be among the questions the Premier will deal with tomorrow, according to Ethiopian Insider.

Meanwhile, four MPs told Ethiopian Insider that they have not yet received calls for Tuesday’s meeting until the evening of last Sunday. MPs whose questions are selected will receive telephone calls some 48 hours ahead of the meeting, according to the news source.


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  1. Crime minister Pinocchio to address the rubber stamp parliament of 530/ 547 pp sycophants. Bring a set of binoculars to identify the tiny opposition members swallowed in a sea of pp cadres.

    his excellency, the one and only, doctor, pastor, chairman of pp, crime minister (sorry!!!!!), meaning impostor pm, excuse my French, meaning oromumma pm, pardon me, nominal pm will appear in parliament to look down on parliamentary members, recall there are something like 530/547, pp robots who are nothing but tools and sycophants of abiy.

    The seating arrangement, most likely, will be a higher standing podium for the actor masquerading as pm of all Ethiopians and parliamentary members seated at lower level. This is an old and outdated psychological trick to exude sense of authority or leadership. Nobody should fall for this in the 21 century.

    As usual the impostor will open his motor mouth and lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie lie, lie, lie, lie and lie some more.

    One can actually cross the Atlantic if one uses the miles and miles long lies of Crime Minister Pinocchio as a bridge.


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