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Getachew Reda seems confident Federal gov’t will give Wolkait, Raya to Tigray


Getachew Reda, Interim Tigray region president, counting on the “constitution” and the Federal government to take action on Wolkait


Getachew Reda made his first interview as Interim president of Tigray region about two days ago.

The interview was with Tigray TV and it came a day after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office announced that he had “appointed” Getachew Reda as interim president of the region. 

To give a background to the development, the Tigray interim administration announced electing Getachew Reda as president after the latter met with United States’s Secretary of State,Anthony Blinken, in Addis Ababa. 

Mr. Blinken, who reportedly discussed matters of transitional justice with Ethiopian government officials and the $330 million that his government is planning to make available for Ethiopia in the form of “aid,” possibly discussed the appointment of Getachew Reda who seem to have a strong support not only by the United States’s government but also by the European Union. 

The United States State Department has been accusing Amhara Militia forces and Eritrean Forces in connection with alleged human rights violations. The U.S. government has also been calling for the withdrawal of Amhara forces from what it calls Western Tigray and other parts of the Tigray region. The reference “Western Tigray” is to indicate Wolkait and Tegede that used to be parts of Gonder province (now in the Amhara region) in the west and Raya in Wollo province in the south which the TPLF calls now “Southern Tigray.” 

Due to geostrategic consideration, the United States has strengthened its firm control of Ethiopia and other rival powers are making presence in the region namely China and Russia. It is apparent that the Ethiopian government has lost total independence and the United States seems to be running even the domestic affairs of Ethiopia. The chaotic security situation in the country to the point that opinion leaders and journalists are not being kidnapped by operatives of what are believed to be the “deep state” rather seems to be by design. In one of its latest assessments of the situation in the country, EZEMA, one of the bigger opposition parties in the country, said that Ethiopians are under great psychological pressure worrying about what will happen next. Whether there will not be another war is a question in itself. 

In his interview with Tigray Television, Getachew Reda seems to show a dual face. On the one hand he seems to display interest in peace. On the other hand, there is a demonstrated tendency to portray the image that “Tigray region is still under occupation.”  In fact, the interview itself was in a studio with a background “Tigray Tisear” ( which translates to Tigray will win)- it is a war time motto. The Pretoria Peace agreement required parties to the agreement to avoid war time propaganda.

With regard to irredentist territorial claims over what used to be part of Gondar before TPLF took power – Wolkait and Tegede – , Getachew Reda demonstrated a sort of confidence that the Federal government will hand over the region to Tigray. He sort of framed his optimism on the “constitution.”

The journalist asked him about justice, “Tigray demands justice too,?” she said. His answer was affirmative. The war was clearly between the federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). It is also established that the latter triggered the war when it attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force. Recent revelation by the Eritrean government said over 3000 members of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force were massacred in unsuspecting circumstances. 

Watch Getachew Reda’s interview from an embedded Tigray TV interview. 

Some Ethiopian Opposition parties have been recently expressing speculations that the TPLF has is not fully disarmed and still possesses about 60 to 70 percent of its arms. With that, the unpredictability of the situation in the region is real given the track record to of TPLF in starting wars.


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  1. Subject: ” Getachew Reda seems confident Federal gov’t will give Wolkait, Raya to Tigray, March 26, 2023 ”

    Humble Comment, 26 Mar 2023
    a). It is NOT in the interest of Tigray to separate from Ethiopia.
    b). May the new, “Interim Tigray region president”, do his best to keep the interest of Tigray
    c). May Tigray be in tune with its legendary WISDOM and come to the common interest of Ethiopia. .
    d). May Ethiopia retain it historical ONENESS for the benefit of its entire people of Ethiopia
    e). What will Tigray benefit out of separation? [I refrain from mentioning others’ interest and agenda]
    f). bMay Tigray take the route to the eternal tranquil benefit for the PEOPLE of TIGRAY.
    g). May Tigray do its best to AVOID catastrophic political steps to satisfy individual’s ambition.
    h). It is worth thinking about the interest of the ENTIRE PEOPLE of Tigray. — NOT individual’s dream.

    Post Script
    History will remember, for eternity, the culprit of the negative consequential effect upon the entire people of TIGRAY.

  2. This is a joke. It looks like the Ethiopian government has lost all of its sovereignty, the TPLF has slaughtered thousands of Ethiopians (Amhara, Afar and Tigrayans) has illegally occupied Eritrean land for 2 decades, has forcefully annexed Wolkait, Tegede and Raya, attacked Somalia and so much more. Now they are trying to instrumentalize other separatist Groups in Oromia to distract the Amhara from protecting what the won back and break Ethiopia in the process. The list of crimes against humanity done by the TPLF in the last 50 years is so long and bloody that naming each one of them would take volumes. We should not tolerate them and continue to stand firm against them as the people of the horn! There is no place for them in our Region, i hope the people of Tigray manage to get rid of them by themselves!

  3. The US has a firm dislike for nationalist groups and wants running dogs like the tplf to run its errands. Other Ethiopians will never accept servitude or the buffon-like getachew as a leader in the country. The Oromo have to plat a positive role otherwise history will also judge them as banda and askaris (which most tplf leaders families are). As for this constitution written by tplf…. what was that??

  4. Wolkait and Tegede & Raya, will not be out of Amhara region ever again, based on their historic record & respective Regions, before the 1991 Illegal-robbery

    “With regard to irredentist territorial claims over what used to be part of Gondar before TPLF took power – Wolkait and Tegede – , Getachew Reda demonstrated a sort of confidence that the Federal government will hand over the region to Tigray. He sort of framed his optimism on the “constitution.””
    DREAM ON, it will never happen!
    You cannot steal land that NEVER belongs to you and write a new “constitution” to finalize & formalize the robbery; NO Way.
    If Abiy and blinken push this MADNESS and TRY to give Wolkait and Tegede , & Raya to Tigray, by force, there will be BLOOD, and there will be BLOOD someday down the road, and no one will make it back to Tigray or escape to Sudan, they will all perish right there. No POW no survivor; period.

    Enough is enough!!!

    What did Amhara do?
    Built the nation of Ethiopia which every tribe calls HOME, should be celebrated not made enemy by these half-wits.
    Patience is virtue, and Amhara has taken the blame temporarily knowing full well where it came from, now patience has limits, and the time to push back is upon us, we do not push others, likewise we will not accept any further push any longer.

    Tekeze River has always been the western border of Tigray, nothing will change that including a “phony-self-made-constitution” of 1991. End of story.

    NO MORE ongoing bloodsheds, this last one this last 2 years must be the last, else there will be blood.

    Be well.

  5. Tigay must respect the right of Amhara people and Amhara land. Just because TPLF illegally used its power and forcefully annexed Amhara land to Tigray, 30 years ago does not mean Amharas will accept that illegal move. In fact TPLF should pay and held responsible for exploiting the land and economy of Amhara Zone for 27 years.

    Ethiopia was not found 30 years ago by TPLF. We know the history of Ancient Ethiopia, Amhara land and Tigray (the only Province that is named after ethnicity) should teach TPLF a lesson.

    Just because TPLF or the West wishes to steal or grab Amhara land and give it to TPLF it does not mean it will happen because there is Centuries old official Amhara and Tigray Province, boundary and territory that must be respected and implemented.


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