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Ethiopian PM  “working with other zones good for Gurage” 

The Ethiopian PM seems to think that the demands that Gurage is pushing for are not beneficial. He is implying that cluster administration should stay in place 

PM Abiy Ahmed speaks during a meeting with residents in Guraghe zone, Welkite town, on March 25,2023. (Photo : Public Domain)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Saturday was visiting Gurage Zone seat Wolkite hoping to convince residents to end their pursuit of ethnic statehood.  

Presidents of some regional states, including Shimeles Abdisa from the Oromia region, escorted him. From the opposition, the leader of the Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA), Dr. Berhanu Nega, was part of the entourage. 

The result of the working visit does not seem to be as intended. 

Abiy claimed that the discussion he had with residents was a good one.  The peaceful nature of Guraghe’s pursuit of justice must have impressed him. 

He wrote “The Gurage people are a peace loving people that address any emerging issues through constructive engagements and dialogue. I am pleased to have listened to the concerns and hopes they expressed in our discussions today,” 

As it turns out, there was no agreement on the issue of statehood and he did not talk about it either. 

EBC, state media, cited the Prime Minister as saying that administrative arrangement is not key for all the questions. “Residents of Gurage Zone should strengthen unity with neighboring zones and work together towards development,” he said, as reported by EBC. 

Abiy Ahmed’s discussion was with representatives from the zone. And happened amid a stay-at-home strike called by an opposition party that is pursuing the statehood demand sternly. 

Gogot for Gurage Unity and Justice party, an opposition party, shared a status update on its Facebook page highlighting the meeting that reportedly took place on Thursday this week and about the meeting scheduled to take place between the Prime Minister and residents of Guraghe zone. 

The update from the party cited PM Abiy as saying, at the meeting in Addis Ababa on Thursday,  “If I want Guraghe to become a region, it does not take me five minutes…I am not going to allow that because organizing on the basis of the region does not benefit Guraghe.”  However, borkena was unable to confirm this from other sources.

According to the EBC report, the discussion between Abiy Ahmed and Guraghe zone residents focused on governance and development issues. 

Participants posed questions about problems related to the lack of peace and development in the region. Residents made complaints that they are impacted by governance, water, road, health and educational development issues. These problems have reportedly caused social and economic pressure on the people. 

Abiy is said to have pledged to resolve the demands step by step. 

In February 2023, government security forces opened fire on demonstrators who took to the street in Wolkite to protest the shortage of water and killed at least three of them.. Several others were wounded. Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has established the figure by contacting eyewitnesses and relatives of the victims.  


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  1. Article 39 of the Ethiopian constitution guarantees the right to self administration up to secession. Since abiy and his pp claim that they believe in “self administration”, it is none of abiy’s business to decide on what the Gurage society wants. Per the constitution (he barks about 24/7 and violates and enforces at his will), the killil status should be granted to the Gurage society. That right belongs only with the Guarge people, not with abiy or his pp cadres and sycophants.

  2. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed & his highness OIbbo Shimelis Abdissa must dismantle the terrorist organization of Amhara which could be a serious threat to public security and cause an attack against the Oromia and the Tigray synod.

    This criminal organization is famous for embezzlement, robbery and its political movement stealthily.

    Ezema, Kinjit and all amhara political parties work with this mafia organization. This organization has stolen a huge amount of money from authors and religious singers who publish books and religious songs. It also publishes old books and books whose authors no longer exist by changing the title of the book and color of the coverage.

    This commercial organization has been attacking many scholars and monks by giving fake labels, especially against church men who have many followers .

    This organization is recently organizing demonstrations to overthrow the ruling party in Ethiopia.This mafia organization calling itself mahibrekidusan has a secret and well organized network in and outside Ethiopia who are involved in a huge, profitable, huge income-generating business in the name of religion in the political arena at the same time.

    Borkena and the terrorist media Zehabesha support this terrorist organization operating inside EOTC, manipulating the riches of EOTC for commercial and political motives.

    You will not post this as you deleted many of the comments describing the same content.

    Mahibrekidisan is a terrorist organization of the amhara, playing religious cards and working with Ezema, fano, enat party and all amhara political organizations in order to put amhara nationalists in the Eth Ethith’s highest political office, which they assume as the holiest and legitimate emperor .


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