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Interim gov’t eying annexing back Welkait, Raya 

Getachew Reda, Tigray region interim president (Photo : SM)

By Hailegebriel Endeshaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – In the wake of his appointment as chief of the Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State, Getachew Reda accused Amhara and Eritrean forces for failing to withdraw their forces from what he called Tigray’s territories. In his first briefing since he took hold of the seat of the presidency, Getachew expressed concern that the problems being witnessed would dim the flicker of peace and turn things into complete chaos. “To sustain peace, this issue should get its final ending through proper attention of the brotherly people of Amhara in particular,” Getachew said.  

Getachew underscored that the next activities would be intensified based on the constitution to push out the Eritrean forces and the “neighboring fighters”. 

The newly appointed president said that the ever-disputing issue after the peace agreement is the withdrawal of these forces. He raised in his briefing about the Eritrean army that “has still been causing conflicts in the region”. Similarly, he pointed his finger at the Amhara force, which “is causing problems in areas which they claim to be theirs”. He further noted that they should proceed with caution against the activities of the Amhara force so that it would not drag the peace initiatives back.  

Getachew said that the Federal Government has an obligation to stop this. He said that the resettlement of the people and reinstitution of basic services are among the top priorities of his interim government. 

“It is useful to solve the problems of Amhara and Tigray peacefully under the constitution in a situation free from sentiment,” Getachew said adding that “whether it is loved or not we keep going as neighbors”.

 “We stopped conflicts not to go back to another conflicts. If there are incomplete things, they can be dealt with in the next meeting,” he said.

Getachew further said that concerning resolving issues through political dialogues, encouraging activities have been accomplished as per the Pretoria agreement signed between the Federal Government and TPLF.


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  1. The abiy regime has been told ad infinitum that the issue of Welkait is paramount to the very existence and sovereignty of the Ethiopian state as a whole. The intrigue and conspiracy laden pp and the also most eradicated told believe childishly that by creating perpetual animosity between the Amhara, Tigrayan and Eritrean people, the never existed utopian political fictitious enclave called oromia will be born and prosper.

    There is no geographical territory called Western Tigray. Welkait was part of Gonder and will continue to be part of Gonder. Raya was part of Wollo and will remain part of Wollo.

    If abiy and oromumma pp and sycophants want to open a can of worms, they are more than welcome. In reality, abiy and pp should realize, if the are smart, that they are actually the ones cornered and put under constraint. abiy and his regime are politically off center. abiy is very unpopular nationwide now and will not muster the same type of unity and support like two years ago if provoked.

    If Ethiopia disintegrates, the first fragment that will crumble to pieces is none other than the volatile and unstable oromumma camp. Ironically, the only fragment that will emerge as an independent and functioning country will be only the Amhara, despite their insistence and plea for decades not secede.

    So abiy and tplf camp, be worried, very much worried and careful that once you trigger a break up similar to that of former Yugoslavia, you will end up with 15 or 16 failed states, with one and only one emerging as a viable country and that will be the Amhara.

  2. Raya, Welkait, Humera and all Western Tigray belongs to Tigray. NO SINGLE Amhara will not be allowed to stay in this part of Tigray. Bahir Dar belongs to Oromiyaa.

    Mahibrekidisan is a terrorist . Fanos is robbers and terrorists. Ezema is eczema!!

    Eritrean army is a genocider and robber!!

    His Highness Shimelis Abdissa is a hero and Amhara elites literally peen in their pants when they see Shimelis Abdissa!!

    • Lol Bahir Dar belongs to our Amhara brothers. We Oromos don’t need tplf minions acting like they care about us. And, Shimelis is not a hero to anyone whatsoever. We know damn well you don’t care about the nation of Ethiopia. Your comment made me laugh though. It’s hilarious.

  3. shimeles abdissa is a moron. No body cares about this thug and thief who is also comically stupid and incompetent. This imbecile recently called residents of what he is terming Sheger city and said the following: “ I have no doubt that in 50 years Seeger city will be top city in Africa”. That is what actually made not only what you call “Amhara elites” but everyone with a sense of logic “literally pee in their pants” from uncontrollable laughter. Every body was rolling on the floor, shouting please, shamelessly stop this stand up comedy, we cannot handle it, it is so funny. Everybody peed in their pants from fits of laughter, got abdominal cramps, tears were falling down. You should have been there; it was hilarious.

    Other than his comedy and foolishness, the only problem not only what you call “Amhara elites” and other responsible individuals worry about this hoodlum is the chaos and daylight murders and vandalism his irresponsible and puny brain causes. One on one, he is a vagabond whose briefs should be pulled and his behind needs a good old paddle of literal morality and discipline. Now there goes your hero.

    You are very angry Raya, Welkait and Humera were part of Gondar and will continue to be part of Gondar. Unfortunately, our pissed of friend, you must have skipped all the Geography classes in your elementary school.You went to elementary school right? Here is a little review. Oh Yeah, there is no such thing called Western Tigray.

    Ok you probably don’t grasp Geography. Since you understand only tribalism, let’s recap what the original founder of TPLF, Dr. Aregawi Berhe said on video record: Wolkait was land unjustly taken by TPLF to open a corridor with Sudan.

    Don’t get this mad and raise your blood pressure for nothing. Bahir Dar is Bahri Dar. Mahibere Kidusan is just that. Fanos are fanos and will keep kicking your a** anytime of the day and any day of the week. And EZEMA is a party though with only a few members, that is infinitely smarter and wiser than the 530/5347 pp dolts stinking up,the parliament every day of the month and every month of the year.

    Now calm down, say tplf/ tdf is invincible.

    By the way Getchu is fun. Most even acknowledge he has a better command of the English language. His constant taunting and provoking of the pm as “the colonel”, “ the pastor” “the grade 7 to PhD” etc were all hilarious.

    You are not going start another round of war now, are you?????????????????

  4. What these two brotherly peoples of Tigray and Amhara should is use millennia old traditional dialogue and come up with solutions share and coexist in perpetual peace and stability. Clear out those stupid individuals among your leadership who are having fits to spark another deadly and destructive stupid war. They should tell such arrogant, stubborn and utterly stupid individuals take your ‘zeraafs and laloyes’ stick it!!! That country is blessed to enough resources for its people to share. I call upon the level heads in the leadership roles in both regions along elders to arrange and hold a convention to hammer out solutions to the current flammable issues on give and take manner. No matter we look at it and no matter how it does not please us demography are created to change. Just look around. It has happened and is happening every where. You jump until your stubborn head slams into the skies and no matter what, not a single youth should die for this stupid reason. Those of you who have been agitating the gullible from your comfy homes here among us in the Diaspora, you must be ashamed of yourself. Peace and share y’all!!!


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