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TPLF status Controversy , Ethiopian government excuses

There is a sentiment that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government betrayed Ethiopians by removing the TPLF designation as a terrorist force and by appointing Getachew Reda as Tigray region president 

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and members of his government held talks with Anthony Blinken when the latter visited Ethiopia last week. Implementation of the Pretoria Peace agreement was a top agenda item (Photo : public domain)


The Ethiopian Prime Minister on Wednesday announced that he has “appointed” Getachew Reda, former TPLF spokesperson, as president of the interim government in Tigray. 

A brief statement released from his office cited the legal basis on which the decision was made.  Getachew Reda was already elected as leader of the transitional administration in Tigray only by one margin vote. But for the arrangement to be legitimate it needed the federal government’s approval in accordance with the Pretoria peace agreement which ended the bloody two years war. 

The decision to approve Getachew Reda as president of the interim government in Tigray, which is expected to last anywhere between six months to about one year, came just a day after the Ethiopian parliament lifted TPLF’s designation as a terrorist organization. 

Getachew Reda was a vocal staunch TPLF spokesperson, and foreign relation head, during the course of the war.  Many of the video footage of Getachew Reda from the wartime era ( and there were some on social media who likened him to Joseph Goebbels) show a passionate and considerably personal accusation against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. From making accusations that Abiy has sold the Mega-dam project to Egyptians to the military decisions that are on record. When the TPLF in about 200 kilometers range from Addis Ababa, Getachew Reda was in a celebratory mood making the fall of Addis Ababa inevitable.  He claimed “No one will save Abiy Ahmed. Erdogan, Putin or no one.” 

Getachew flew from  Tigray last week to meet with Anthony Blinken who was visiting Addis Ababa. The next day, his appointment as head of the Tigray region made news headlines. And in the next two days, the Ethiopian Parliament removed TPLF’s designation as a terrorist group. 

The controversy 

From Ethiopians who took the matter to social media to major opposition parties in the country who have opposed the parliament’s move to lift TPLF’s terrorist designation.  Within the parliament itself, there were 60 “no” votes and 5 abstain votes – which is uncommon in a parliament that is dominated by the ruling party (it controls more than 90 percent of the seats). 

The opposition is based on mistrust of the TPLF’s behavior and also what many tend to think is the poor and unverified implementation of the Pretoria peace agreement.  

While some point to emerging information about TPLF’s new military encroachment in the Wolkait (which the TPLF considers to be “Western Tigary”) to make the point that TPLF’s military aggression is inevitable, there are also those (both from the public and opposition parties) who think that the TPLF has not given up more than 60 percent of its arms as required by the Pretoria agreement. 

Redwan Hussien ( security advisor to the Prime Minister) and Gideon Timoteos (Minister for Justice), on the other hand, see the measure to remove the designation as a necessary step.  Redwan goes to the extent of asserting that anyone who supported the Pretoria peace agreement should not oppose the removal of the terrorist designation. “It is part of the agreement,” he said. There were in fact voices that the Ethiopian government was not transparent about the Pretoria agreement. 

Gedion Timoteos also made a point, as seen in the video footage from state media, that the parliament’s decision was necessary.  “There are parts of the Pretoria agreement that are implemented. And there are also those that are still under implementation.” Removing the TPLF from the terrorist designation was necessary to implement the parts of the agreement that are to be implemented next. 

Debretsion Gebremichael is reflecting similar views. According to a report by DW Amharic, he said that the removal of the parliamentary designation as a terrorist force was necessary for the interim government to start functioning.  He also revealed that his party is holding talks with the Federal government to  secure the release of prisoners and for charges to be dropped, among other things 

There are clear signs that the government’s actions are not accepted at least by three opposition parties and many Ethiopians who are venting out their anger on social media. There is also the majority that’s silent about it which may mean an indication that many have not nodded to government action in agreement. 

There is even a stronger sentiment. There are a considerable number of voices who tend to think that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has betrayed Ethiopians.  There are also those who tend to see Abiy Ahmed’s decision as one that is prescribed by the United States which has been consistent and overt about saving the TPLF as a political entity. It remains to be seen if all these measures would make the group that was once designated as a terrorist force a relevant political actor in Ethiopia again. 


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  1. QUOTE: “It remains to be seen if all these measures would make the group that was once designated as a terrorist force a relevant political actor in Ethiopia again”. UNQUOTE

    Any thing is possible as long as the Mightiest Force on Earth i.e. the Greatest of the Greatest Power on Earth, the Good Old Extraordinary Charming United States of America (USA) gives its node of approval. No, Joke. Don’t fool around with your mini-life. FULL STOP
    Post Script
    States who wish to play a game are better off to fetch a ball made of pieces of cloths and play on mini-village rugged field.

  2. If this is the price to pay for permanent peace I am for it unless some one takes this as an opportunity to regroup for another bloodletting. Is the demise of hundreds of thousands of young people not enough? Is the raping of thousands of our glorious women not enough? Is the complete destruction of homes and infrastructures not enough? When I think about these savage crimes it makes my blood boil. It just leaves me fuming. The building of that country was going in earnest for almost 30 years but it took only two years to burn all that to the ground. After 40 years that country still is not able to feed its people. It is still panhandling for ‘Brother, can you spare a dime?’ Some one in the West, Asia, Oceania and the Americas even in other African countries having a conversation with a friend tells about a recent news about people starving. Who? Who else? Them Ethiopians! They are still starving? Yes they still do. The world is accustomed to hearing Ethiopians starving it has been used as punchline by comedians. What do you call an Ethiopian with a starving dog? You know their answers. Even one high level comic was making a joke upon hearing that there is an Ethiopian version of American Idol and closed his line wondering where will they find a burley/fat contestant. I say take all your zeraaf, laloyes and gerersaas and stick it!!! Damn, damn, damn you niggers!!!

  3. Subject: “TPLF status Controversy , Ethiopian government excuses”, March 23, 2023

    Permit me to come-in again
    a) The problem is NOT — and has NEVER been — with the ORDINARY PEOPLE of ETHIOPIA.
    b) The problem lies in the play yard of ambitious individuals who are hungry for POWER and everything that goes with
    it to fill their pockets.
    c) Our DEAR, RICH, BLACK AFRICA is infested by highly educated black Africans who are fully aware, but ignored, their
    actions in favor of their selves >>>> without the slightest of shame !!!!.
    d) To repeat: OUR AFRICA is not only a victim of external marauders but internal cruelest indigenous force.
    e) If we go by our own legendary saying >>>> ‘WE BLACK AFRICANS ARE MYSTERIOUSLY CURSED’
    Dear READERS
    Please forgive me if I am harsh.

  4. The blatant hypocrisy of the United states (The Pirate in chief of global theft ).

    Nelson Mandela was in the US Terrorist list till 2008.

    Nelson Mandela Visited the Bush W. Bush WH in 1990, gave speech in US Congress getting several standing ovations.
    Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa 1994 and served till 1999.
    Nelson Mandela received the Congressional Medal in 1998 during Bill Clintons presidency.

    Source =

    Yet the US kept President Nelson Mandela in the US Terrorist list all the way till 2008.

    Chief Pirate: (Neanderthals).

    Now US arguing, TPLF should be taken off the Ethiopian Terrorist list.

    “Do what I say not what I do”.

    People with short memory span. Their end of their hypocrisy is near.

    Be well


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