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Egypt’s statement on GERD erode trust from riparian countries: report 

Egypt _ Yaqob Arsano
Yacob Arsano (photo : Public Domain)


The Statement from Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) could erode trust from riparian countries, Ethiopia’s state media cited Yacob Arsano as saying. 

Yacob Arsano is a political science professor at Addis Ababa University and he has also been working with the GERD team.

In his view, the statement from Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affair violates the principle agreement signed between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan in 2015. 

This month, Egypt accused Ethiopia of taking unilateral action in connection with GERD and vowed that all options are open for Egypt. Egypt’s position is said to violate the Principle agreement from 2015.  It is to be recalled that Egypt has signed a military agreement with Sudan a few years ago. 

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected Egypt’s statement as irresponsible and unacceptable. 

Yaqob Arsano, thinks, based on a report by state media, that Egypt’s statement was intended to solicit support from the Arab League. 

Egypt called on the Arab League to oppose GERD, whose project construction is said to be 90 percent completed and stands on the side of Egypt. 

Ethiopia has completed two rounds of filling the reservoir in two years taking advantage of the rainy season. At this point, the dam has at least 18 billion cubic meters of water, and two turbines have started generating power. 


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  1. It is funny, before the 6-days war, Arabs collectively were saying what Egypt is saying now, “all options are on the table (tawla)”, on the 7th day they issued SOS.

    Now Egyptians are fairly educated, (my doctor during my birth was Egyptian Dr. Omar, I remember him as a child 3 & 4 years old visiting the Dr. at the hospital, for my younger sibling & myself.) you expect them to understand that, one in “glass house” shouldn’t make threats, while Aswan dam with 164 million cubic-meter of water 1052 Km from Ethiopia, is sitting right on top of them.

    Perhaps, they don’t know we know that.

    Be well.

  2. What Egypt trying to do is to intimidate and bully those glorious people of Ethiopia. Its leaders have been hopelessly infected with this disease of a super power wannabe since 1952. Now they have those panhandled F16’s and SU35’s that make think they are super power above super powers. They are just theatrics meaning they don’t make theatrics because it is them who are the theatrics itself. They recently threatened to use their military to subdue more than 120+ million of those fire spitting patriots. And they will say kiss and goodbye to the Blue Nile to never it again. Who knows the Blue Nile will join its sister Awash and say hello to Djibouti? Who knows what rivers do when they are rudely disturbed?

  3. Subject: “Egypt’s statement on GERD erode trust from riparian countries: report , March 23, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 24 Mar 2023
    Egypt’s NEGATIVE attitude towards BLACK AFRICA is not new and will continue to be so for ever.
    No matter what BLACK AFRICANS do to have civilized relationship , Egypt will always and constantly remain blaming the Black African Countries. Egypt has inherent hatred for BLACK PEOPLE >>> THEY CALL US “ABID”. Egypt will NEVER change its negative attitude toward us. NEVER. The hatred is in its BONES.

    In the above negative ugly scenario, what should the Black African Countries do to have civilized relationship with EGYPT ?
    The answer is simply ‘NOTHING’. And the GLOBE will keep on rotating at its speed for eternity. In this situation, what should Ethiopia do to have civilized relationship with Egypt.? NOTHING >>> other than to ‘hand over’ the complete NILE to Egypt !!!!!!!!. In the impossibility of that scenario, the crying of Egypt will keep on going for eternity.

    In the above phenomenon, what should Ethiopia do to have peaceful atmosphere in the area? Again, NOTHING because their effort will only hit deaf ears. Hence, the alternative is to “COOL” IT and keep on going with complete readiness for any eventualities. Sad as it may be, it is the only civilized alternative to maintain peaceful atmosphere in our WORLD.


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