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Ethiopia’s Grand Dam project reaches 90 percent 

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (Photo : SM/file)


Ethiopia’s Mega Dam Project, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), is said to be 90 percent completed. The project is celebrating its 12th year although it was initially intended to be completed within five years.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate, state media, cited the project’s coordination office, whose director is Dr. Aregawi Berhe, to report that preparations are underway to organize different events as part of the effort to continue financial mobilization to fund project completion. 

According to the source,  17.7 billion birr was collected from the people over the past 12 years of which the Development Bank of Ethiopia has administered about 15.5 billion birr. 

Planned events will be kicked off from Benishangul Gumuz region ( the dam is being constructed). 

The mega-dam project was entirely funded by local sources. 

Solom Teka, deputy director of the project coordination office, said the construction of the dam has created a “it is possible” mentality. United action and participation are observed. 

Furthermore, the office believes that political and other forms of differences did not stand in the way of participation. 

The contribution of Ethiopians in the Diaspora was relevant in terms of reversing international pressure in addition to financial contribution. 

Egypt has been campaigning to stall the project employing different strategies ranging from diplomatic to security. Diplomatically, Egypt has been able to mobilize the Arab League and even western governments including the United States of America. 

The African Union-led negotiation between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan was stalled.  And Egypt has been accusing Ethiopia of taking unilateral action. 

During the Arab League meeting this month, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, said  “I do not fail to address a pivotal issue of advanced priority, which has fateful consequences for Egypt’s national security, namely the danger of unilateral Ethiopian practices on the common river basins, of which the GERD is the most prominent current manifestation,” As reported in the Arab News report. 

Ethiopia has been declaring that it does not have any intention to harm lower riparian countries and called for equitable use of the water between the three countries. More than 85 percent of the Nile river originates from the Ethiopian highlands. 

Egypt’s strategy from a security point of view has been aiming at creating instability within Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has been linking the crisis level like the security situation in the country to the involvement of “external forces.” There was in fact a time when the Ethiopian government recalled Ambassador. 

So far Ethiopia has completed two rounds of filling the reservoir which is said to have an estimated 18 billion cubic meters of water. 

Ethiopia is expecting a third round of filling in a few months during the rainy months of July and August of this year. 

Two of the turbines have started generating power since last year. 


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  1. What Egypt trying to do is to intimidate and bully those glorious people of Ethiopia. Its leaders have been hopelessly infected with this disease of a super power wannabe since 1952. Now they have those panhandled F16’s and SU35’s that make think they are super power above super powers. They are just theatrics meaning they don’t make theatrics because it is them who are the theatrics itself. They recently threatened to use their military to subdue more than 120+ million of those fire spitting patriots. And they will say kiss and goodbye to the Blue Nile to never it again. Who knows the Blue Nile will join its sister Awash and say hello to Djibouti? Who knows what rivers do when they are rudely disturbed?

  2. Why is EBC, the mouth piece of the abiy regime, blowing its useless trumpet over this useless piece of information, even if true, now???} To get cheap thrill and public support for the regime whose last flutters of its broken wings will not manage to stop its eventual nose dive and splattering to pieces.

    Has a single town been electrified over the past 5 miserable years from power generated by the GERD???????

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Look here gamblers always eventually lose. pp fold your cards and just hit the road. Your outta gas, seriously, and your political demagoguery sticks are now broken.


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