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Failing to call a spade a spade

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – People are expressing anger over the statement released by the US-Department of State regarding war Crimes and Crimes against humanity committed in the recent civil war in the northern part of Ethiopia. They said that the statement did not express the truth forcefully. Rather it is a real betrayal, which has ignored the cruelty of culprits. Intellectuals, media personnel including others who are engaged in different walks of lives are heard saying that the accusation pressed against “Amhara Force” is a pointless one given to a body, which has not been acknowledged by the US. The statement, which is leveling a self-defensive force with the ones, which are armed to the nose, is unfair and a blind judgment, they said. How can a big shot like Blinken put the affected and defenseless group on an equal level with the warmongering TPLF group?

In the first place, what is the point of talking about a “force” which has not been talked of ahead of the statement given by the Secretary of State, Blinken? Did the US-Department of State say anything about the involvement of this Amhara Force in the Pretoria peace dialogue? How does this Department dare to talk about a Force, which it has not given recognition? Did the secretary of State think of anything about meeting this force during his recent visit to Ethiopia? The people justified their agreements saying that in a situation where there is no an independently organized force as such, the accusation is like a shot which missed its target. In a situation where there is no independent and recognized body, it is illogical to accuse it of war crimes, according to comments forwarded by people.  

Actually, the ‘Amhara Force’ as referred to by Blinken, was established by the Federal Government of Ethiopia following the attack carried out by TPLF Force. The Federal Government reiterated that forces loyal to TPLF launched the attack on 4 November 2020 on the National Defense Force deployed at bases in the northern part of the country. The surprising thing is that the statement of the US-department did not state anything about this fact and the repeated attack perpetrated by the TPLF Force in Amhara and Afar Regional States.  

The report issued by the US-Department of State did not dwell on the summery killings, rapes and lootings (reported by Amnesty International) perpetrated by Tigryan Forces in Amhara. This same statement did not mention the attacks carried out by Tigray Samri youth fighters in Maikada of Amhara Region. War reports, which were widely disseminated, indicate that Samri youth fighters executed the innocent Amharas numbering over 1,500. By the way, the Samri youth fighters have been harbored in neighboring Sudan. The TPLF Force massacred many innocent civilian Amharas, committed sexual violence, burned villages, health institutions, factories, schools and farmlands… The report compiled by the US-Department of State does not say anything about these inhumane actions of TPLF.

The US-Department of State did not ink the massacres perpetrated by TPLF in Chennai, Maikadra, Kobo, Aderkay, Debark, Debretabor, Gayint, Waghimra, Raya-Kobo, Raya-Alamata, Woldia, Wadla-Gashena, Hara, Gubalafto, Habru-Wurgessa, Wuchalle, Dessie Zuria and many other places of Amhara Regional State. How should these massacres be ignored by the US-Department of State? 

It is indicated in the statement released by US-Department of State that the steps were taken as key to break the “cycle of ethnic and political violence that have gripped Ethiopia and prevented it from reaching its unlimited potential for too long”. How can the US bring about peace and reconciliation in such a situation where it does not dare to call a ‘spade- a spade’?

The US Department of State accused “all parties committed atrocities”. What people are arguing is that the US-Department of State cannot come with evidence that depicts the war crimes committed by the Amhara Force against the innocent people of Tigray. Where did the alleged Amhara Force commit the sexual crimes? Where did the alleged Amhara Force demolish the farmlands, factories, school and health facilities including infrastructures? Have these crimes been reported by independent bodies? No one can name a place in Tigray that has been annexed by the Amhara Force.  


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