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Lulling half a million young jobless women in Amhara 

Ethiopian Migrant workers who were deported from Saudi Arabia in 2013 (Photo : ECADF)

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) Announcement posted in Amhara Region lulling over half a million young women to migrate to Saudi Arabia for work has sparked controversy among people. 

Though over 500,000 young women are said to be employed legally in Arab countries, people are raising questions over the involvement of the government in encouraging human trafficking or labor migration. First, the invitation has been released only in the Amhara Region. On the other hand, nothing has been heard about similar calls in Oromia, South Nations and Nationalities, Tigray, Afar or any other regions. It is here people are asking why. No government official or any other concerned body has come out for clarification to clear doubts roaming in the minds of the public. 

Of course, many young women from all over the country have long been flying to Arab countries for work. However, what makes this invitation special is the focus of areas where the laborers are recruited. The call has been extended only for young Amhara women. People are asking why this is being done. What is the secret agenda behind this? Why has recruitment not been undertaken in other regions? There are many people who show a desire to migrate from other regions, but why has the concerned body or the government shown interest only in the Amhara Region? Why did they come up with this call when it is not yet a year since the young women who were working in Saudi Arabia have been kicked off from there?  

The government has been engaged in this new migration project under the pretext of offering job opportunities to young women. However, though the systematic migration seems to be legal, all things seem to be entwined with political sabotage and secret proceedings, according to comments forwarded by some people. Some are heard saying that the initiative “was taken by the politicians who belong to the ruling party to systematically root out” the jobless young Amharas from the region. People are substantiating their arguments by saying that the migration of the women will be to Arab countries that are believed to have close relations with the Premier. Sources are thus expressing dismay about the non-principle relations of the top government officials with some Arab countries.  

The other unclarified thing is that the people are expressing concern about an Oromo Employment Agency, which is doing its business behind the curtain. The Agency, which is said to become official in no time, will take the entire responsibility of making dealings with the Arab employers. The Agency will have the dealings on behalf of the young female employees regarding the way they are traveling overseas and the way they get paid salaries, pay rate including various benefit packages, work permits, agreements, etc. The Agency has dealings with the Saudi employers. The young female employees have no rights or the opportunities to deal with the employers regarding the hiring agreements. They do not have any idea about the exact payment amount they are receiving from their employers. They have no rights to contact their families back home, to ask for annual leave from their employers, to ask about their rights of medical services….

People say that this is nothing but modern slavery which encompasses human trafficking. What has been done here is human trafficking, which is the process of recruiting and transporting people through deception for the purpose of exploitation. In a situation where the employee woman does not have the rights to deal with her employer is nothing but deception. The hiring situation where she has no rights to have dealings with her employer regarding the pay rate and benefit packages is nothing but pure exploitation. 

The business agents and the government bodies are involved in these employment dealings where there are no agreements of the employees with the recognition of UN treaty and refugee conventions.


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  1. Do not trust anything that comes out of this regime.Nothing good, not one thing worthy of mention will emerge out of pp party led by abiy ahmed, shimeles abdissa, adanech abebe and the like. These people are not ok in their head. They are not bright either. They are not even capable of being average decent. Their sickness is grandeur of delusion. They are ideologues. An ideologue is not capable of logical thinking. An ideologue is not capable of feeling emotions, not capable of commiserating with those who suffer and agonize. Look at the track record of abiy ahmed. Five years!!!!! He has not visited one single domestic refugee camp for the tens of millions IDP, internally displaced people in Ethiopia. Same with his other goons.

    Why???? Because of avoidance!!!!! The psychological aversion of looking and facing one’s own inhumane and cruel aggression against the defenseless and the week. These are sociopaths. They think they are clever too, while they actually are dumb as a rock.


  2. It is unfortunate that our glorious women have to go to places outside their country they never been before to find wage earning jobs. But as things are now there seem to be no other alternative immediately available for them to earn a living and bring the dough home to their loved ones. Such legal arrangement will also have a declining effect on illegal migration in which our women bear the brunt of humiliating abuses in the hands of the smugglers. What other alternative are there for them to find wage earning jobs inside the country? The best alternative could have been factories and other businesses in their regions and in the towns and villages they live. For this or that reason that ain’t happening now. Let me put it to you bluntly. China will never let that country with such huge work force to be its fierce competitor in the global market. It will haul away raw material but will not let another country giving it a throbbing headache on the international market. It has enough such headaches from its southern neighbor Vietnam since the early 2000’s. The best arrangement could have been the market in West staying open for finished and semi finished goods manufactured at factories there. But that is not to happen. Stupid individuals started and waged stupid war where close to a million citizens lost their Allah Blessed lives, our women were raped and millions others driven away from their homes. AGOA is shut tight now and from what I hear the latest there are legitimate reasons to keep it closed. As the country’s own EHRC(Ethiopian Human Rights Commission) pointed out many times already war crimes have been committed and still being committed by all sides. So the regime must set an example in admitting that some of its soldiers had carried out crimes against humanity and the opposing forces should also admit that they also have similar criminals. Then those brutes who committed the crimes should be made to answer for what they did in a court of law and in transparent ways. I remember reading stories before in which the regime had arrested soldiers caught in the commission of such repulsive crimes. There weren’t any names and did not tell us where and when it took place. Raping women and mass killing should not go unpunished. Every one over there should stop dragging their feet and keep the ball rolling.

  3. These women should be going to school.

    No if, ands, or maybes!

    They likely did not even finish high school so that should be the top priority, and the universities are not expensive. Tell them not to sign up for this human-trafficking sexual abuse scam. Their lives are in danger!


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