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Lencho Leta says “I do not know where this government is taking Ethiopia”


Lencho Leta is among the pioneers of radical ethnic Oromo nationalists but he says he has changed his stance since 1991.

These days he presents himself as a champion of “democratic federation” – of course a federation that is based on ethnic identity, not any other form.

In an interview with Betty Show, he expressed fears that the situation in Ethiopia could lead to state collapse which he sees as humiliating for the entire black race.

Regarding Abiy Ahmed’s leadership, he said “we do not know where it is taking the country.”

Watch part I and Part II of his interview

Part II

Video : embedded from Betty Show Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. OLF has done enough harm and is now trying to take over state power in a subtle way. This is much better than trampling and killing on horseback, but enslaving and dominating other ethnic groups will not take far. Better to aspire for an independent oromia as you started your journey.

  2. They know the so called independent oromia is a fiction in their head. It is a political utopian land of olf, just as the utopian land of the nazis or the communists in the Soviet Union era. In fact those other societies had a much better shot at their improbable utopian land than the oromo fanatics. In a disintegrated Ethiopia, the first fragment and hotch-potch ethnic enclave that will disintegrate and blow up to ashes will be none other than oromia. Ironically, it will be only the Amhara who can emerge as the only surviving fragment and continue forward as a nation despite their commitment and call for a united Ethiopia. So Lencho knows very well where his olf and pp are leading the oromo people- to the land of carnage, self destruction and annihilation, that is why he is apprehensive of the direction to which his ethnic enclave is led by abiy ahmed and his pp cadres and sycophants.

  3. Changing for the better and getting wise is an oxymoron with former/new OLF and TPLF. Those who grew up eating, drinking and wearing hate an ignrorant narrative will never become human beings. Lencho is one of them.

    OLF and Orommuma thugs have shown their incompetence and midlevel savagery. Abiy and the Orommuma cadres could not shake off savagery Orommuma culture in the 21st Century.

    TPLF has always been saying Oromos have no leadership skills but who is TPLF to grade OLF as narrow-minded inept when TPLF itself is the same narrow-minded Tribal collection trained to loot and massacre with its narrow and inferiority ethnicist mentality.


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