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Ethiopia refutes allegation of US Secretary of State

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By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) The Ethiopian Government refuted the allegation of the US Secretary of State concerning the war crimes and crimes against humanity in the northern part of Ethiopia. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said in a statement it issued here today that the Ethiopian Government would never accept the determination of the Secretary of State to accuse all sides of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the brutal conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray.

The Ministry said in its statement that the release of the State Department’s 2022 Human Rights Report has not come up with new findings that are different from the outcomes of the investigation conducted jointly by both the Ethiopian and UN Human Rights Commissions. Therefore, the Ethiopian Government will never accept the allegation issued last Monday by the Secretary of State.

MoFA further said that the announcement released by the US Secretary of State focuses on the allegation that cornered a single party. Moreover, the announcement is not timely, as it was released while the country has been engaged in the identifications of Transitional Justice Alternatives and launching of National Consultation.

Last week the Ethiopian Government disclosed that it had fruitful discussions with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. However, the Secretary of State bombarded the Ethiopian Government with accusations of war crimes after he flew back home. 

Blinken said at his press briefing yesterday that he had discussed during his visit to Ethiopia with the two sides [ruling party and TPLF] on the significance of acknowledging the atrocities committed by all.

He accused that “members of the Ethiopian national Defense Forces, Tigray People’s Liberation Front Forces the Eritrean Defense Forces and Amhara Forces committed war crimes against humanity, including murder, rape and other forms of sexual violence and persecution”.


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  1. Why reacting so hopping mad now? Secretary Blinken had told you the same in your face during his recent visit to that country. EHRC has already told you serious crimes against humanity were committed during the war in Tigray, Afar an Amhara regions and the same council has been screaming bloody murder for gross and repulsive crimes in certain parts of Oromia. Get off your laurel and do your job by bringing those savages to courts of law in transparent trials. Our daughters/sisters in Tigray were raped. Our daughters/sisters in Afar were raped. Our daughters/sisters in Amhara were raped. When we think about those victims we should take them as if they are our daughters, sisters and mothers. That just makes my blood boil.


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