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Raya demands legal response from Federal gov’t to the identity question 

Alamata Mayor speaking during the demonstration (Photo : AMC)


Hundreds of thousands of people in Alamata and Bala (both Raya) on Sunday staged a massive demonstration demanding for “legal response” to their demands. 

According to a report by Amhara Media Corporation (state media), the demonstrators are demanding a response from the Federal government. 

We ask that the Federal government give recognition to our Amhara identity demand which we have repeatedly expressed, the protestors were cited as saying. 

“We are Amhara. We did not ask to become Amhara,” protests said. 

They also demanded the release of those who were taken prisoners during the war in the area ( they call them our brothers) 

Protesters also reportedly hailed the security forces for freeing them from identity-based abuse. They were making a reference to the abuse of the rights nearly for three decades when the area was under the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) control as it was included to be part of Tigray. 

Demonstrators in Alamata Stadium demanding government to respond to identity quetion, Raya. (photo : AMC)

Raya was part of the Wollo province before the TPLF took power in 1991 and demarcated the area to be under the Tigray region when it redraws Ethiopia’s administrative boundaries. 

Meanwhile, Getachew Reda’s transitional government in the Tigray region, which was installed this past week as the culmination of a new administrative arrangement based on the November 2022 Pretoria agreement which ended the two years bloody war, saw the peaceful demonstration in the Alamata area as “unacceptable.” 

Getachew Reda’s transitional government, based on the statement that the region released on Monday,  is further making allegations of human rights abuse and even genocide in the areas that are now under the control of militia forces. 

The interim government in Tigray is also calling for the Federal government to take “determined action” to remove the Amahra region militia from Alamata and from the areas it claims as “Western Tigray.” 


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  1. The falderal Gov’t did not step in to protect those in Wellega, while Shimeles Abdias ignored his own citizens in the killil he is a president of.

    It’s the Amhara kilil administration’s responsibility to move its forces to protect its citizens in its territory in Raya (part of Wollo) and west in Wilkeite following the Tekeze river border that separates Tigray from Gonder province.

    Real border of Tigray, Gonder, & Wollo map.
    Source =

    Our ancestors went to ADWA to deter invading Italians, the same has to be done to stop invading TPLF outlaws (terrorists) .
    The Tigray propel knows the real border that was there for thousands of years , it is only the terroirs TPLF that is terrorizing our people even after it is defeated , disarmed and gone…

    The Amhara administration and forces need to protect its territory and its citizens ASAP.
    No need to expect the Fed to do anything they did not do in Wellege, to protect innocent civilians from the similar terrorist groups they protect there (which they could eliminate in an afternoon if they really wanted to).

    Be well.

    • Unless the current Amhara administrators are still the left-over TPLF appointed “TPLF-Cadres” collections..

      A Total regional population uprising is the only way to settle this neglect & abuse of power, and remove these office-chair-warmers.

      The constitution affords the citizens to recall their dysfunctional-representatives, this is one of those times.


  2. These people are not from raya they were smuggled into Raya by criminal fanos with 45 buses.Raya, welkaiyit and humera never belonged to amhara through out ethiopian history.

    primitive nasty stinky Amhara elites let out a loud scream when they see a land, what a nasty claim is that ?

    • Talk to the Map: Begmender province of Ethiopia

      Source =

      Be well.


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