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Ruling party’s executive meeting admits corruption still a problem


“Prosperity Party,Ethiopia’s ruling party, held what it called a regular meeting of executives early this week.

The meeting happened as a multifaceted crisis is deepening in the country.

FBC, state media, said that the executive discussed current and national affairs, and had reached an “agreement to continue work to transform Ethiopia and lead it to prosperity.”

Based on the report, the party still tends to think that the various crises that Ethiopia is experiencing are creations of “foreign enemies.”

In an official statement the party said that Ethiopia is on the bridge. Some want her stuck there, others want to push her off to the river and still others want to lead her to a better place. And the party claimed that it is working to lead her to a better place.

The party has been increasingly losing credibility among Ethiopians due to a range of factors – economic, political, social and security – and is, consequently, losing social base in different parts of the country – including in the capital Addis Ababa. 

It has admitted, on many occasions, that it is struggling against corruption in its ranks at different levels.  


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