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Ruling Party urges officials not to hype  hatred, conflicts

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The ruling party urged government and party officials to show self-restraint from speeches and acts that aggravate hatred and conflicts.

The ruling Prosperity Party admonished in a statement it released through its executive body, on Friday, that government and party officials at all level should reserve themselves from speeches, and actions that disrupt people’s unification, aggravate hatred and conflict. The Party stated calling up religious fathers, the media and activists to reserve themselves from actions and speeches that refresh old sores, revive hatred, sow seeds of suspicion among the people, and threaten the security of the country. The party has also given directions to Justice and security bodies not to ignore such destructive practices.

The ruling Prosperity Party dwelt in its statement that it has delivered in detail in its two days meeting the challenges the country has been facing these days.

The executive body of the party has reportedly reached consensus that the current challenges witnessed in Ethiopia have been caused by five major reasons. Incongruous histories, inability to manage freedom, intensification of threats that challenge nationalism, high cost of living and theft were said the major challenges of the country.

The executive body of the ruling party indicated in its statement that, “as the Ethiopian history has brought about opportunities that should be acknowledged, there are also losses that we should relieve ourselves of”. 

“We Ethiopians have several histories and historical opportunities that we are proud of. We proudly use them as reserved wealth. On the other hand, there are also our disputed historical losses that we have not resolved and agreed up on; but rather embraced them as arrears. These debts are also commonly faced by other nations,” the party said.

“The debts of our history should not be causes for our disagreements, conflicts and disintegration. We can avoid them through consultation, excuse and reconciliation,” executive body of the party said. The statement further mentioned of the ongoing national consultation as a means to resolve such challenges. The executive body called up on party comrades and supporters to fight against those who use the past historical debts as causes of conflicts but rather strive to contribute what are expected of them for the national consultation.

With regard to the stated challenge of failing to use freedom responsibly, the party said that the Ethiopian people have achieved their rights to exercise freedom of expression, belief, local administration, to organize and establish the media. However, there have been witnessed challenges regarding the application of these rights.

The party further stated that living in freedom means to exercise ones rights by respecting law without harming others, without destabilizing nation, and causing conflicts. “Leading life by violating law,  bykindling hatred and conflicts and  by demolition of the country can never be freedom, but crime,” it said adding that such things should be averted in no time.

The ruling party mentioned bodies like local administrations, the media, religious institutions, political parties and activists as the ones, which faced problems on managing freedoms. It further stated that as freedom goes along with responsibility, governmental and justice bodies, intellectuals and elderly people including those who faced the problems should do their level best towards the prevention of the challenges. 

The executive body of the party has also deliberated on “challenges that threaten nationalism” stating, “in the present day Ethiopia no one can lead life by being superior and inferior. In this regard, government and party officials should resolve their problems through legal means and discussions. Officials at all levels should reserve themselves from speeches and actions that disrupt nationality and unity, aggravate hatred and conflicts”.


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  1. PP led by abiy, shimeles adanech goon club is 100% responsible for all the chaos and disorder in Ethiopia occurring on abiy’s Watch!!!!!! PP led by abiy, shimeles adanech goon club is 100% responsible for all the chaos and disorder in Ethiopia occurring on abiy’s Watch!!!!!!

    Look here the so called pp whose chairman is abiy ahmed and has such deplorable characters, excuse my French, I mean such esteemed members and excellencies as shimeles abdissa, adanech abebe, “won” the election. It occupies 97% of the so called “house of the federation seats” I.e. parliamentary seats, and 100% of the “peoples” I.e the regional seats in Oromia, and nearly every other place. FOR EVERY PROBLEM THAT HAS OCCURRED AND IS OCCURRING ON abiy ahmed’s watch, he is 100% RESPONSIBLE!!!!!

    abiy and his pp are 100% responsible:
    1) for all the 9 plus million IDP: Internally displaced people in Ethiopia
    2) for the war with TPLF
    3) for the massacre of an estimated 1,000,000 people during the war
    4) for the devaluation of the birr by close to -150%
    5) for the 40% inflation
    6) for all conflicts and road closures in oromia
    7) for the ,assign corruption and embezzlement, including the 1,000,000,000 birr stolen for public bus purchases in Addis
    8) for the inter- religious war among denominations
    8) for disruption of all services, especially in Addis Ababa.

    The time for the obfuscation and empty drivel of by the wanna be pastor and imposter premier is over. Everybody now knows the wolf in sheep’s cloth. He cannot fool a single soul ever. He is done and quite ready for the stick in by the Ethiopian forks. He is already well done on one side and is searing quite well on the other.

  2. This is the right advice the regime giving itself. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to live in the West we have seen it first hand how democracy works. It infuses a sense of taking responsibility in those who use and live in it. It reminds those in the position of power to watch their their language otherwise democracy has ways to correct itself with such officials. I have said this umpteen times before. Those in the position of power and influence should never be remiss of the reality that there are many individuals in any society who lack the wherewithal to breakdown what they hear or read wisely/properly. These are the ones always with raw emotion that can be easily enraged/incited. These are the most dangerous and deadly. The old country has plenty of such gullible group of people and bigots know that. Officials there should have known this fact already. Watch your language!!!


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