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Getachew Reda emerge as Tigray region Interim president

TPLF picked Getahew Reda as nominee rather than Debretsion who led the organization as chairman for several years and served as president of Tigray region 

Ethiopian News _ Getachew Reda
Getachew Reda ( source : Social Media)


Getachew Reda is named as the interim leader of Tigray regional state after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), one of the three bodies forming transitional administration in the region, nominated him for the position abandoning the former president Debretsion Gebremichael.

After the TPLF lost dominance over the Federal government and withdrew to the Tigray region, to actively prepare for war with the aim to restore power, Getachew served mostly as the spokesperson of the organization. When the war broke out in November 2020, he also became a member of “The Central Tigray Command.” 

Media sources based in the region have confirmed the news. 

Theoretically, the Federal government needs to nod for it if Getachew Reda is to be legitimate for the region until the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia organized an election in the region – something that is expected to happen within a year. 

The transitional administration is an arrangement that was one of the issues agreed upon at the Pretoria Peace agreement in November 2022 – which ended the two-year bloody war between the Ethiopian Government and the TPLF. 

Getachew has not yet remarked about his new role. 

He was in Addis Ababa a day before his election to meet with United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken. 

Ethnic Tigray opposition parties operating in the region, including Arena Tigray, expressed a rejectionist stance both on the process and outcome of forming a transitional government in the region. 

DW Amharic on Saturday reported that Arena  Tigray has released a statement regarding the development.  The party said, “… an interim administration that does not have legitimacy and Public confidence can not ensure justice and democracy.” 

The TPLF had a fifty percent representation in the congress that was named to elect the transitional administration and the remaining 50 percent was split between civic organizations and opposition parties in the region among other groups.   

There are unconfirmed reports the that process leading to the election of Getchew as interim Tigray leader caused some chaos within the party itself due to what appears to be powerstruggle on the basis of parochialism within ethnic Tigray nationalism itself. 

In May 2021, The Ethiopian Parliament designated the TPLF as one of the terrorist organizations. The designation was not lifted until now. However, the speaker of the parliament led a delegation to the Tigray region a month after the Pretoria agreement was signed.  Many saw that as a clear indication that the TPLF is no longer treated as a terrorist organization. 

The Federal government is yet to remark on the election of Getachew Reda as interim president of Tigray region. 


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  1. It is obvious that this election and the way it is being conducted appears to be dictated, or at least meant to appease, our American overlords, or to meet their “demands”. It is completely meaningless to hold an election to re-instate the same party that has been the very cause of all the bloody war we have been through. The rational and appropriate thing to do would have been to hold a general election in Tigray where every dissenting party had a chance to participate in a free and open election. What we observe instead is a classic device of restoring power to a party that has been the bane of Ethiopia. This is sham election, and nothing good will come out of it!!

    • Abiy Ahmed and Obbo Shimmellis Abdissa are best Ethiopian Leaders of all tiimme. Live long!! Amhara ellittes go down to the helllo.
      Abiy Ahmed and Obbo Shimmellis Abdissa are loved, &respected by all ethiopians except finger counted disggrunnted lunnatic amhara people in diaspora!! Viva Prosperity party!! Down down ezema,enat and all amhara parties!!They must go to helll with mahibrekidusan, political party playing religious card!! Amharic will be limmited to a village . All people in socalled amhara kilil must speak Afan Oromo!! is terrorist website !! Mahibrekidusan is terrorist group!!

  2. It doesn’t make sense at all! First, TPLF used Stalling Tactics to derail the Pretoria-Nairobi Accord. Now, it resorted to open defiance & refusal to implement the Accord.

    Where does the Accord allow the TPLF to continue administering Tigray and to form a Transitional Government? Isn’t this another of TPLF’s ploys to buy time to wreak havoc?

    The TPLF hasn’t disarmed! There are still over 250,000 well-armed, well-trained, well-equipped, and well-funded TPLF Special Forces in civilian clothes in Mekelle alone.

    Moreover, the TPLF trained thousands more while waging the war and after the truce. Besides, TPLF used the billions sent by NBE & the tons of aid to supply its TPLF Forces.

    Why don’t Ethiopians finish with TPLF first and take-on others later? Doesn’t opening more Proxy War Fronts overstretch the fledgling ENDF and only help TPLF, Egypt, etc.?

  3. Subject: QUOTE: ” Getachew Reda emerge as Tigray region Interim president” UNQUOTE, March 18, 2023

    Humble Comment, 18 Mar 2023
    1st. Question: What will happen to the existing extraordinary ambitious, stratospherically educated and experienced
    Tigrayan, modern personality never seen before >>>> of course, leaving aside the MAJESTIC and HEROIC TIGRAYAN,

    2nd. Taking the situation of modern Tigray, it will not be a surprise to face a string of questions coming to the surface i.e.
    challenging the entire society of Tigray. Needless to point out, the changing of authority by two SUPREMELY,
    UNPARALLELED EDUCATED personalities —-with extraordinary personal confidence upon themselves —- will bring
    untested inherent confidence upon two proud personalities. GOOD OLD POOR TIGRAY has a problem on its hands.

    3rd. Will the people of Tigray get together and draw their well known inherent wisdom and save themselves from
    becoming the laughing stock of Ethiopia — leaving aside the rest f the world. The GHOST of ATSE YOHANNES will turn
    in its GRAVE.

    4th. Concluding With Humble Note: It is a simpleton question. WHY NOT STAY IN ETHIOPIA — THE LAND OF ATSE
    YOHANNES, WHERE HE SACRIFICED HIS LIFE WITH GRACE for ETHIOPIA, which, equally and gracefully include TIGRAY
    — just like other provinces in Ethiopia. >>> that no body can deny.
    PURPOSE ????????

    5th. LAST ULTIMATE QUESTION (may be termed as NAIVE)
    What would THE RIGHTCHEOUS PEOPLE OF TIGRAY, IN TOTALITY, gain by leaving Ethiopia?

  4. I hope this new appointment will bring guaranteed peace and stability to the people of that region. I have very high confidence in the capability of those glorious brothers and sisters to rebuild their region in perpetual peace. I am sure and expect them that bitter lesson has been leant from the constant lack of peace they have been denied since the 1970’s. They should help the youth in weaning itself from the love of guns and pick up nail and hammer in the rebuilding effort. They should push their leaders to create working relationships with all their neighbors including those upright brothers and sisters in Eritrea. They should never again be led by stubborn leaders who have brought them death and destruction. I hope and pray that their new leadership consists of those who have learned lasting lesson from death and destruction wars have brought on their people. They should never be remiss of the fact that all what wars and conflicts brought was nothing but death, destruction and humiliation upon those dignified citizens of the region.

  5. It only happens in a dream world where an accountability is non-existant and where criminality, mass murder and horrendous human rights violation are blossom and rewarded at the altar of raw political expediency. Why killed quarter million of lives and destroyed and wasted propertyf worth of hundred millkions of dollars in a useless war if the same perpetrators are being put back in the same old positions? It is absurd. It is like putting the lunatic in charge of the asylum to supervise its wellbeing. Where else in the world of the likes of Getachew and other TPLF cabal would quality even as dog catchers or graveyard caretakers, let alone to be chosen as credible leader and hold a public office?

  6. The biggest loser in all this saga is yours truly, the one and only, crime minister, excuse me, I mean prime minister abiy ahmed. Look at the whole picture. abiy ahmed fought with his masters and lords p, the tplf who raised him, fed him daily on the bottle of ethonfanatic kool-aid. The boy grew up and conspired to rise up his mentors and masters. He spent billions of dollars, sacrificed hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopian lives to replace debretsion with Getachew Redda.

    Basically, the tplf goons outsmarted and outmaneuvered the abiy goons. Now they have their boots on his neck. They are making him eat a turd sandwich politically and ordering abiy to say “yes sir, yes madam, it is yummy, thank you for preparing this turd sandwich, masters”.

    The neophyte gambled for 5 years. When he arrived at the political landscape, he had the good will and support of tens of millions both in Ethiopia and all over the world. He never, ever managed to rise up to the occasion. He just could not be a statesman for all Ethiopians. He gambled and lost. Gamblers eventually lose, nothing new.

    On the positive note, Getchu vodka, should be fun. Besides, he speaks in the English language much better than any other goon from PP can. His tplf buddies claim his vocabulary is deep and shows sophistication with erudition. Now the prosperity party members of abiy ahmed and gang have to carry a big dictionary and thesaurus every time Getchu throws a two syllable word before them. They are already carrying an Amharic dictionary to carry out their day to day function.

  7. It is now reported in official briefing that Getachew was ‘appointed’ by PM Abiy himself as stipulated in the Pretoria Agreement. It is also reported that the parliament had lifted the designation of a terrorist organization off the TPLF. It is getting very interesting now. The guns have gone dead quiet in Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions now and let’s hope and pray that it will remain so henceforth. If the senseless demise of close to a million people does not teach lesson, what will? Now the people of these regions should toss away their deadly guns and go to work in rebuilding towns, villages and infrastructures destroyed by the stupid war started by stupid individuals. I wish them all peace and stability. Peace y’all!!!!!

  8. Now the people of these regions should toss away their deadly guns and go to work in rebuilding towns, villages and infrastructures destroyed by the “stupid war started by stupid individuals”.

    By stupid people, you mean abiy ahmed, debre tsion, getcahew reda and the like, right???? These were among the people who started the war. Why are you implicating the defenseless people whose only fault was just living in their home towns and villages.

    It is the repulsive backstabber and war monger, the oromumma fanatic abiy ahmed who claimed the tplf massacred 7000 Ethiopian soldiers in the Northern Command and called for all able bodied people from all regions of the country to join the war. Are you forgetting that or deliberately covering up for the wishy washy, political opportunist, vulture and unscrupulous dictator masquerading as a respectable pm for all Ethiopians???????

    By the way, the biggest loser in all this saga is abiy ahmed. He wasted billions of dollars, destroyed critical infrastructures in a poor nation that took years to build up, sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives all for what? To replace debre with getchu.

    And Getchu has always mocked, ridiculed and made fun of abiy, calling him out and addressing him in taunting terms, “ the colonel”, “ the pastor”. Ah Getchu is gonna be much more fun. He has a commanding grasp of the English language. His tplf buddies claim his vocabulary is deep and shows erudition. These poorly educated or even better uneducated pp riff ruffs and vagabonds will be carrying a dictionary, a thesaurus and personal translators to understand what Getchu means every time he throws a two syllable word befor them. TPLF brilliantly outmaneuvered and outsmarted their former protege abiy and his goons. They made abiy eat a political turd sandwich and say “ hmmm my masters thank you for making this turd sandwich. It is yummy thank you sirs and madams, can you please lift your boots of my neck now. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

    ጌቹ እኮ በጣም ደስ የሚል ተዋናይ ነው:: አብይን እኮ ኮሎኔሉ ፓስተሩ እያለ ሲያላግጥበት ሲያፌዝበትነው የቆየው:: ትህነግ አብይን ተብለጥለጠው አሸንፈውታል:: ይህም ብቻ ሳይሆን በውጭው ፖለቲካ turd sandwich የሚባለውን የዶሮ ኩስ ገንፎ እንበለው እንዲያመቸን አብይን ብላ ደግሞ ይጣፍጣል ብለህ እንድትመሰክር ብለው ነው ያላገጡበት::

    ምስኪኑ ልበ ቀን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ምንም ቢገደል ቢሰደድ ቢፈናቀል ማዘንና ተስፋመቁረጥ የለበትም ሃገር ወዳድነቱን ካለቸው ቆርሶ ለተዋጉለት ለተዋደቁለት ማካፈሉ የዜግነት ክብሩን ማዕረጉን ይጨምርለታል ያደምቅለታል እንጂ ከስሮ ከተዋረደ የፓለቲከኛ ቁማርተኛና የወሬ ጥሩምባ ነፊ እኩል እውርዶ አያዋርደውም::


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