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Ruling “Prosperity Party” executives meets amid unending crisis

Prosperity Party has been under increasing criticism over security, economic, religious and political matters Ethiopia has been facing in recent months 

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed leading ruling party executive committee meeting, March 16, 2023 (Photo : Public Domain)


A day after hosting United States Secretary of State , Anthony Blinken, who was in the country for a two days working visit , executives of the ruling Prosperity Party on Thursday started what is said to be a regular meeting. 

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate, a state media, the party is discussing “national” “regional,” and the party’s internal issues.  The Party’s executive is expected to pass decisions. 

It is also said that the party will discuss current affairs that are believed to need the attention of the leaders. 

Furthermore, the source reported that the party will have an “in-depth” discussion on ways of “ensuring Ethiopia’s prosperity and multi-ethnic unity.” 

It is indicated that the meeting will go on for days. 

As reported on previously, Public trust in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has plummeted over the past few years as lawlessness and targeted ethnic killings – especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia – continue unabated.  In addition to the tens of thousands of civilians who had been massacred on the basis of ethnic identity ( which the government has been linking to “OLF-Shane”), the Oromia regional government embarked on a campaign bulldozing residential houses in towns surrounding Addis Ababa which it organized as a single city under the name Sheger. 

Members of Prosperity Party Executive Committee , March 16, 2023 (Photo : Public Domain)

A recent statement by Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice (EZEMA), an opposition party, said that Ethiopians are living under a state of psychological pressure worrying over what would happen next due to the unpredictability of situations.  

EZEMA plainly said that the country is pushed to the edge due to ethnic radical forces within the government structure and outside of it, and it called on the government to take action in the direction of eliminating radical radical forces within the government. 

In the past two weeks, two major opposition parties that are legally registered and recognized by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia were unable to hold their party congress as an unspecified authority in the security apparatus intimidated service providers who received reservation orders for the meeting to be canceled. 

This week, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia decided that those who prevented the party congress from happening committed a criminal offense and called on the Ministry of Justice to investigate the matter, and lay charges against them. 

The cost of living in the country, especially in the capital Addis Ababa, has long become unbearable for millions and it is only worsening. 

The tendency among the majority of Ethiopians, based on views expressed on social media platforms, is that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has failed to address the core problems in the country in the past five years. 

The Prime Minister himself has lost credibility, it is noticeable, as a champion of Ethiopia’s cause and is increasingly seen as an ethnic Oromoa nationalist at heart. 


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  1. The brief that came out after this executive meeting sounds more ominous than its previous similar briefings. I have been saying all along that if the current central leadership is not wisely replaced by more capable individuals, this will be it. I see it as the last pit stop that has the rest of the way leading to the doom of that country as we know it today. It will not be a laughing matter. With the absence of a capable 2nd strong party as an opposition the chaotic way of removing the current regime would be like signing a death warrant for that gem of the colored. O’boy, bigots love to see that! They have been salivating just thinking about it. They are 100% sure in their sick mind that it will be the day they will win a jackpot, a jackpot of carved out territory as their personal territory. Some of these bigots are reportedly traveling these days to some of the Middle Eastern countries including Egypt under the guise of lecturing engagements. I can envision them sitting on el-Sisi’s lap and licking his boots promising him that he will get everything he wants with no questions asked. So if unraveling of the current regime is needed it should be done carefully and wisely. The opposition groups that are so hopelessly splintered these days should bang their stubborn heads and try to understand this clear and present danger. They should clear up their silly differences and come together in a strong 2nd political party. Otherwise they will end up running for their lives in all directions because bigots will be coming after every one of them. The world will have its worst nightmare ever with the entire 120 million people on the move. It is not and will never be funny.


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