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Mayor Office charged with incurring loss of half a billion birr

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa City Administration caused damages to immovable properties with cost estimated at birr 500 million, sources said. The Amharic Weekly Reporter said yesterday that the loss was incurred due to serious violation of law committed following the decision made by the Mayor Office of Addis Ababa City Administration.

The offended or the plaintiff, Fana Consumers’ Cooperative, filed charges at the Federal Supreme Court and forwarded a request for the revert of the decision as per the provision of Proclamation No. 1183/2012 article 48.

Fana Consumers’ Cooperative, established under Proclamation No. 985/2009, clarified in its charge document that as a legitimate body it runs centers that are located in Bole Sub-City Woreda 03 commonly known as 17/19 (with identification numbers AA 000060305208) and 17/23 (with identification number AA000060305433). These centers supply daily consumers’ goods to the community and manage over 3,000 employees.

The centers served as a football, tennis and other sports arena for several residents including foreigners, young and elderly people coming from the surrounding areas and other parts of the city. The plaintiff stated in its charging document that it used to give catering, beverage, and steam bath services including rental conference provisions at reasonable cost.

Though all these were certified by the authentication authority, the Addis Ababa city Administration passed a decision that the properties should be transferred to individuals stated by the names “MWS Trading and Bekele Legesse and Aregu Abebe” for the construction of an apartment, mall and a five-star Hotel. The Consumers’ Cooperative was notified through a letter to handover, without pursuing legal means, its own properties on July 18/2022.

Following this the Cooperative filed charges at the Federal Supreme Court against Land Development and Administration Office of Woreda 03 of Bole Sub-City and the Mayor Office of the Addis Ababa City Administration on August 29/2022. However, the defendants, unwilling to be bound by the law, have directly started works on land measurement and estimation of the properties by violating the Proclamation Number 719 (10) that declares land transfer procedures. They did this without pursuing what they should as per Proclamation Number 1161 (7/1) and Regulation number 472 (8), Reporter said.  

Without pursuing the supreme law of the land, the administration of Land Development of Woreda 03 of Bole Sub-City wrote a warning letter to the Consumers’ Cooperative to hand over the Center within 48 hours. As the plaintiff, the Consumers’ Cooperative, was not able to appeal on the dot for the following days were Saturday and Sunday, with offices closed, the Kebele Administration has come up with an excuse, “the cabinet has decided” and commencement of construction by the individuals in the domain of the centers.

Finally, the plaintiff, Fana Consumers’ Cooperative, asked the court to consider the unlawful procedure of grabbing its properties by illegitimate individuals and give order for the return of the centers to the right and legitimate owner, according to the news source. 


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  1. This is only an example. This oro-dominated cabinet has other things on its mind- far worse that what the tplf did to the city. They want to oromize Addis, build geda statues, eliminate historical sites and heritages which they consider as Meneliks, demolish Orthodox churches, build oromo offices throughout the city (no other Region has done this), military barracks of the or special forces around the city, build an enclave around Addis and starve it (much as the Nazis did to Stalingrad), etc. need one say more because we are witnessing all these things every day. This fat farting mayor is here to destroy the city and its Amhara inhabitants aided by the conniving federal system and the shrewd PM. This lady should have been a mayor of Guguftu…we will see more damages in the days to come.

  2. Well there goes FDI $$$$$. If Addis Ababa is not safe for investment, no other cities, especially all other cities in so called oromia zone are NOT SAFE FOR INVESTMENT!!!! Ouch!!!! Abiy is destroying everything, everyday. Now come to think of it, Unity Park was sold by the PM as a one stop tourist attraction, but politically it is a blatant attempt and attack on changing the history of Emperor Menilik’s Palace. And those peacocks are JUST UGLY AND VERY CHEESY.

    ጠ/ሚ: ፒኮካችውን እየጋለቡ ዝናብ አማራ ክልል ባዘነቡበት ዕውቀት: time travel አድርገው አድዋ ፍልሚያ ላይ ከች አሉ::

    አፄ ምኒልክ: ደግሞ ማነ ነህ ምንድን ነው የምትጋልበው ደግሞ ጃል እባክህን?

    ጠ/ሚ: አይ ጃንሆይ ለሚወጋወት የጣልያን ጦር የጥሞና ግዜ ከሰጡ ብይ ለማማከር ነበር የመጣሁት::

    አሉላ አባ ነጋ:- እባክህ እቺን ብርቅርቅ ዶሮህን ይዘህ ወደመጣህበት ተመለስ:: ጎራዴየን ስመዝ ደግሞ ልታረድ ነው ብላ በርግጋ ጦርነቱን ታበላሻለች::

    ባልቻ አባ ነፍሶ: አይ ፈረስ: አይ ፈረስ : መድፌን ስተኩስ ላባ የሚበትን ፈረስ::

    ጠ/ሚ: ሲኖዶስን በመከፋፈል ህዝብን ከፋፍሎ መግዛት ይችላ ይመስላችሁዋል???

    ሁሉም በአንድነት: ወደጣህበት አሁኑኑ ከነወፍህ ለምን አትገሰግስም!!!!!!


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