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Public resources estimated at over 2 billion birr misappropriated

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Temesgen Tiruhen (left), director for intelligence, and Gedion Timoteos, Minister for Justice (right). They are both members of the National Anti-Corruption Board (Photo : public domain/file)

By Haile-Gebriel Endashaw
Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – National Intelligence and Security Service said that public resources estimated at 2.2 billion birr was misappropriated.

The disclosure is said to be a result of investigations it conducted based on tips forwarded by the people to the National Anti-Corruption Committee, which was established last November 2022, the Amharic Weekly, Addis Admas reported. 

The National Anti-Corruption Committee said that if the findings of the Regional Anti-Corruption Committees had been included, the outcome would have been much wider.

The Anti-corruption Committees, established under regional and town administrations, had recently conducted a reprisal meeting during which a report was presented. 

Based on the general report, the National Anti-Corruption Committee has filed charges against 640 suspects. The National Committee has also examined the case of 226,000 square meters of land, which has reportedly been transferred illegally to various bodies. 

Director with the National Intelligence and Security Service and Chairperson of Anti-Corruption Coordinating Committee, Temesgen Tiruneh said on the occasion that after screening and clarifying the tips gathered from the people, investigation has already been started on 175 of the 759 tips the committee had received. “Charges have also been pressed on 640 suspects under 81 files of cases,” Temesgen said.

It is to be recalled that the National Anti-Corruption Committee, which is composed of seven members, was established three months back following a speech made by the premier who said, “corruption is a threat for the security of the country”. This National Committee, which is being led by the premier, is responsible to bring before law the “actors” of corruption by coordinating the “campaign the government is carrying out against corruption”. Regional and town administrations have established replicas of the Committee in their respective localities.  


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  1. I just checked the latest currency exchange rate the amount reported pilfered by sticky fingers is about 41 million in US dollars. That is not high enough. When a regime is infested with those harboring a deep seated hatred for others that nation’s coffers would be open season always available for them to dip their sticky fingers into. We all know how much was pilfered from that nation’s coffers in less than a decade between 2010 and 2018. It was to the tune of at least 30 billion in US dollars. Dare if you can track a dime of it!!! It is a good start somebody is talking about it. But you just watch we may not hear from this body ever again. It sounds to be having the willies about mentioning any names of those caught stealing. Hey Obbo Temesgen Tiruneh and Gedion Timoteos! I dare you to mention any names you caught stealing from the nation’s meager coffers!!! You’re killing me with curiosity here!!!


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