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Ethiopia determined to Support South Sudan’s peace, Stability: Abiy Ahmed

South Sudan _ Ethiopia _ march 13
PM Abiy Ahmed with Salva Kirr and Sudanese opposition leader Reik Machar (left) – ( Photo public domain)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday visited South Sudan. 

He met with President Salva Kir and the opposition leader, Riek Machar, with whom he held a discussion – according to the report by state media. 

Abiy led a delegation for a one-day working visit but it is unclear if it was a scheduled one. 

“I appreciate President Salva Kiir for the hospitality accorded to me and my delegation during our visit in Juba. In my meetings with President Kiir and First Vice President Riek Machar, I shared Ethiopia’s commitment to supporting stability and peace in South Sudan,” he wrote on his social media page. 

The topics covered during the discussion with South Sudan’s leader are unspecified. 

Recently, there has been a security incident in the Gambella region of South West Ethiopia. 

There was a report about an armed group incursion to Ethiopia and the group was  said to have originated from South Sudan. Parliamentarians expressed concern about it but Abiy Ahmed’s government did not remark about it. 

In 2021, Ethiopia and South Sudan signed a military cooperation agreement after Egypt and Sudan announced a move in that direction.  Agreements have also been signed in the areas of intelligence information sharing, among others. 

South Sudan had been trying to facilitate talks regarding the dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the third filling of which is happening in a few months. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s popularity at home has been plummeting first for failure to arrest lawlessness and chronic security problems in the country and more recently due to the dominance of radical ethnic nationalist forces within his government to the point that the reform appeared as if it was entirely reversed. 


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