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Afar : 15th enthronement of Awusa Sultan Ahmed Alimirah Hanfare

Ahmed Alimirah Hanfare ( in suite wearing sunglass) during his enthronement festival (Photo : Public Domain)


Ahmed Alimirah Hanfare on Monday is enthroned as the 15th Sultan of Hausa. He has been a regent to the throne. 

A cultural ritual was performed as part of the enthronement ceremony.  Religious leaders, senior Ethiopian government figures and some members of the diplomatic community attended it. 

State media cited Awol Arba, president of the Afar regional state, as saying “whenever we talk about Afar Sultan, we remember something will never go away from our heart… ‘let alone us even our camels know our flag.'”  It is a must to mention Sultan Alimirah Hanfere who taught us the love for our country and our flag, he added. 

That speech is attributed to the late Sultan Alimirah Hanfare who passed away in 2011. 


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  1. What dignified and upright people! I considered it an honor and privilege for me to have had Afar friends with who I spent my formative years which I maintained to these days even though my crowd is thinning at this sunset of my long blessed life on this good earth. The same goes to my dear Somali, Amhara and all other friends. I really see it being so lucky to have such an opportunity. Praise The Lord for that!!!

  2. Meanwhile let’s keep our brothers and sisters of Malawi and Mozambique in our thoughts. They have been pummeled by Cyclone Freddy where hundreds of them have lost their lives. I am also very worried that our own young people might have been victimized by this nature’s devastating one-two punch while on their way to South Africa in search of opportunity for better lives. I remember reading stories of scores our young people being caught and thrown in jail and others even been found dead and buried in shallow graves in that country. Let’s hope that is not the case. Insha’Allah!!!


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