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Ninety billion birr needed annually for full delivery of power by 2030

Ethiopian Electric Power
Electric power sub-station in North Ethiopia (Photo : File/EEP)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  To achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of power delivery by 2030, there needs to be a yearly budgetary allotment of birr 90 billion, the Amharic Weekly Reporter said.

Ethiopian Electric Power Company said that Ethiopia needs a 90 billion-birr budgetary support every year to achieve the MDG – 2030 of the power provision. Reporter quoted the company as saying that of the 16,652 only 7,962 got access to electric power. The remaining 8,679 are still without electric service.

The company said during a discussion, which was attended by stakeholders here at Hilton Hotel, that if Ethiopia continued its progress at the current pace, it would take her 20 years to achieve the delivery of electricity to its people.

Change and Good Governance Director with the company, Essubalew Tenaw said on the occasion that unless the budget allocation of birr 90 billion is realized, the MDG of delivering ‘power for all by 2030’ will not be attained.

Moreover, if the current inflation keeps raising the budget allocation needed for the project will rise, Essubalew said.

He further said that of the 20 million Households (HHs) only 4.5 million got electric power services. Information obtained from the study of the World Bank indicates that of the 733 million population that have no access to electric power, four per cent is located in Ethiopia. If the entire population is needed to get power, there needs to be a budgetary supply of USD 640 billion.

In Ethiopia to supply power for 20 million HHs in 2030, USD 650 is needed for a single HH. Totally, USD 13 billion should be provided so that the 20 million HHs can get access to electric power.

The Ethiopian Electric Power Company said that as the country cannot go along with the MDG at the desired pace, it has been significant to formulate a three-year strategic plan. Distribution of network development, institutional organization as well as capacity building, customer oriented service provision including building reliable financial capacity are among the inputs incorporated in the three-year strategic plan.

The company said that it has been working to increase the number of customers to 5.5 million. The company envisages to raise the number to 7.9 million by the end of the execution period of the strategic plan.

It was also disclosed during the discussion that to implement the three-year strategic plan there needs to be budgetary allocation of USD 2.76 billion.

The Ethiopian Electric Power secured 20.94 billion birr over the last Ethiopian Fiscal Year. The Company has planned to earn 33.5 billion birr this current budget year. It envisages to collect 40.2 billion birr by the end of the execution period of the strategic plan, in the 2017 Ethiopian Calendar.

Power cuts and disruption, employees’ misconduct, theft of infrastructure, delay on emergency services, problem on meter reading, failing to give proper attention to customers of industry owners were among the challenges identified by discussants. 


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  1. That is about 1.7 billion in US dollars per year. I don’t think that includes the damage and looting the project has to endure from these bigots roaming thru the bushes. These miscreants will do everything to keep citizens in the dark because that is the only way they can maintain their presence in the countryside. We have read reports where these human refuse digging up Tibet optic fibers and power cables and selling them as scrap wires at black markets in neighboring countries.

  2. Well, for starters, tell the embezzlers enabler in chief and wanna be premier of Ethiopia for allEthiopians, the oromumma chief and prosperity party chairman, abiy ahmed to put his day time and nighttime hyenas bleeding Ethiopia dry on a hyena leash. They are thieves he protects relentlessly; the buffoon thinks this is how you make a class of rich oromumma goons. His days of cheating, lying and demagoguery are over. No one is going to contribute a single cent while these thieves are roaming around, stealing, murdering, displacing and disenfranchising other Ethiopians.

    In the next few months and within a year, the internal decay and rotting of his pp will be exposed even further.He can no longer hide and cover up his hidden agenda.

    For his projects, including the electrification projects, he can use the wheat export revenues he talks about and barks about 24/7 ad nauseam. Use the wheat export $$$$$ and also ask your thieving friends from stealing. That should raise the money you claim you need for your “projects”.


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