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People dying from hunger in TPLF-captured localities

Hunger Waghimera
Photo source : SM

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Sources indicate that people are dying from hunger in localities, which have not yet been liberated from TPLF’s occupation. Local Radio, Ahadu FM said that 25 people in TPLF-captured Tsagibja Woreda of Amhara Regional State died from starvation and lack of medical provisions.

The Radio quoted Communications Department Head of Waghimra Zone as saying that lack of food and medical treatments claimed lives of people in Tsagibja and Abergele Woredas. Department head, Kefyalew Debash said that of the 25 deceased people five are children. “Though food aid is coming to the area following the peace agreement, the two Woredas under TPLF control have not yet got access to the aid supply,” Kefyalew said.

The stated figure was obtained based on a report released by Sekotta Hospital during a meeting organized by the Zone, according to Kefyaalew. Therefore, taking into account the magnitude of the problem, there can be discrepancy in figures concerning casualties, Zonal Communications Department Head said.

The head urged that as the aid provisions reaching the Zone has gone diminished, the government should provide support and facilitate ways for the aid organizations to intervene in the area.


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