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Ethiopian Human Rights Commission : People in TPLF-held Waghimra Zone tortured, abused

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By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) disclosed here that people detained without trial have been tortured and abused in TPLF-captured Wolkait-Tegede Setit-Humera Zone of Amhara Regional State.

EHRC said that as the Zonal administration of Wolkait-Tegede Setit-Humera has become dysfunctional following the disruption of peace and security in the area, people have been suffering from imprisonment without due process of law. Though a new Zonal administration has been in place since 2021, courts and prosecutor’s offices have not yet been opened and gone operational in the area, EHRC said.

EHRC further said that people have been in detention without due process of law and are now suffering from ill treatments for up to a period of nine months. “As judicial institutions failed to work properly and discontinued to live up to their expectations, people are now undergoing all sorts of ill-treatments.”

The Commission asked the concerned bodies in the Zone to set free those who had been proved innocent and help respect the rights of legal guardianships of others and bring before trial those who have long been imprisoned without court of law.

EHRC has urged the Federal Government to help respect human rights and put an end to the violation of justice. Lack of courts and prosecutor’s services have been a reality in the TPLF-held Wolkait-Tegede Setit-Humera Zone of Amhara Regional State, according to EHRC.


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  1. Dear Staff Reporter,

    I would appreciate it if you include the link to the EHRC report of this particular atrocities in the mentioned zone. Thanks a lot


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