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Task Force says legal measure taken against police officers

Addis Ababa Police Commissioner and Member of the Task Force, Getu Argaw ( Photo : Public Domain)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The Federal Peace and Security Task Force disclosed that it has taken legal measures against the police officers who committed inappropriate acts during the Celebration of the 127th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa. 

The Task Force said at a press conference given here today that further investigation has also been underway regarding what it said were ‘improper acts’ perpetrated by the police officers. The Task Force did not say what kind of legal measures were taken against the police officers.

Representative of the Task Force, Getu Argaw, said that 878 suspects were put under control. The alleged suspects were arrested while they were trying to create violence and disrupt peace and security in the capital, Addis Ababa, during the Assembly of Heads of States of African Union (AU) and the Celebration of Victory of Adwa. Getu said that 557 of the suspects were confirmed to come from other parts of the country.

Getu Argaw further expressed appreciation to residents of the capital for the major roles they have played for the completion of the celebration of Victory of Adwa and the AU Assembly of Heads of States in peace.


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  1. Measures taken against those bigots who infiltrated the security forces welcome news. There were also others among the gullible youth who were incited and urged to go into the streets and places of worship to disturb the peace. That was a gift to those bigots in the government security forces clad for their shooting practice. To those bigots nothing is good about the gullible youth. In fact for them a good such youth is a dead youth. So goes the shooting between the eyes. Now that mother is left wailing for her dead baby boy. Some of you irresponsible and bigoted individuals here among us! I have been watching you and what you have been posting on your social media accounts. You were and still urging that gullible, unemployed and hapless youth to go into the streets over there and put itself in the harm’s way. You do that from your safe and comfy homes thousands of miles from the danger zone here among us. You are telling the youth not to worry about the warnings issued by the government and go into the streets without asking for permission. What kind of human being are you? You are sending/taking your children(if you are blessed to have any)to schools and extracurricular activities here in the West or Down Under but you are urging the youth in the old country to rush into an awaiting fire. You are taking your child to dancing and choir rehearsals while you are telling the youth over there to run to its death. You are so cruel! The information I gathered about you makes my blood boil. Some of you were once the trusted servant of the regime there for years. You were caught dipping your sticky fingers in places they did not belong and you had to cut and run. You made it here with diplomatic passports with paid first class tickets where you opened a new business adventure selling exaggerated and imaginary news. You must be ashamed of yourself!!! I wish you are not even born.

  2. Baloney!!!!!! Nobody trusts this fake government anymore. The abiy crowd is funny, so comical to the point of ludicrous. No amount of military march is going to earn you respect, remember the dictator mengistu did it. Every time a pp parrot or the main parrot abiy comes up on tv, people just change the channel. The guy does not tell any truth period. He is fake and lies through the stratosphere.

    At the minimum abiy’s nose length every time he lies is several times longer than Pinocchio’s. The moment abiy wakes up and says good morning, his lies start and measure this long:


  3. The Adwa victory has owners. It is a Tigrayan victory over the then Italian colonial power. Tigray as the only modern and civilized nation was able to resist colonialism. Its Northern part which is now known as Eritrea was sold off to the Italian colonialists by Menelik. Menelik did this to divide and weaken the Tigray nation. It is now time to restore the independent Tigray nation in accordance with the aspirations of its citizens.

  4. Recently there was an article asking is “Abiy an asset or a liability?”

    I was on the “asset’ zone until then, but looking at all that has happened since Abiy came to the PM office, with the help of the Amhara faction in the old-party, it has not worked out well for the poor-Amharas living living in the new-Oromo zone, now even in the capital Addis Abeba.

    #1) Celebrating ADWA in their city where HM Emperor Menelik II statue is located was prohibited.
    #2) Ethiopian Flag was not allowed.
    #3) Clothing that has Emperor’s & his wife picture on it were prohibited, businesses printing them were confisicated.
    #4) Homes of Amharas are being selected & demolished, in the very city the PM lives (like in South Africa, and other such colonies during apartheid rule).
    #5) For the mass-killings in wellega and other Oromo regions, the PM was heard comparing it to the killings in US cities such as Chicago (drug dealers turf war) comparing it to a peaceful-citizens targeted-mass-killing in their places of residence /farm where he is the PM of. and cannot lift a finger to stop it.

    It is very obvious things are not going the wat many have hopped.

    All the above crimes and many others were NOT there prior to 2018, and Abiy’s taking office.

    Many from Amhara region one can enter Addis Abeba, perhaps even all the others from south, East, North, and West.
    The 2 mayors of Addis Abeba since Abiy’s PM ship, were not even Natives of Addis Abeba, why cannot the native born citizens run their city?

    Abiy in my opinion is playing “a snake-charmer-role” on VPM Demeke Mekonnen et al.

    It is crucial to the nation of Ethiopia and its future, the “sleepy” Amhara-politician to wake up and “smell-the -coffee”, that Oromo is NOT the majority in Ethiopia (until they become 150 million by themselves, which is possible in the next few years, as an interviewee I heard say on YT recently, “we may not need Amhara PP to run the country…, and PM ship is secured, no Haile-Mariam from here on…” ) .

    The Amhara politician MUST coordinate with the other zones: Afar, Somali, Southern nations, Gambela, Benishangul-Gumuz and a Coalition to remedy this Train-wreck from going off the rail, and put the nation in shambles.
    Once Abiy moves to Dubai, and Shameless Abdias, Jawar, or Gerba take office, kiss Ethiopia good bye, unless the work is done now and make a CONNECTION-with-those-that-are-left-in-the-PERIPHERY looking in by TPLF’s design.
    Time is running out and it needs to be done now, the recent shootout between the Southern-nations & Oromo is a bad sign that things could escalate very fast; the Welkite -water-protest & the shooting is also a bad sign…

    Personal-interests of the Amhara politicians & their comfort as a “second-fiddle” is not worth watching the nation collapse.
    US’s Feldman’s talk of Ethiopian balkanization via TPLF (dream) must be defeated and NOW.

    It is in every regions interest to stay alert and do the work to create the condition via these “Coalition- of -the-Willing” for the LOVE of COUNTRY.

    Be well.

    • Typo, half way…

      —> “Many from Amhara region one can enter Addis Abeba”

      should read : “Many from Amhara region CAN NOT enter Addis Abeba…” ( based on reports…)



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