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Squabble rife among political parties in Tigray

TPLF _ Tigray _ Ethiopia _ Squabble
TPLF leaders (Photo ; File. credit : Demtsi Woyane )

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – In the midst of the final preparations for the establishment of Interim Government, squabble has sparked among TPLF, TDF and opposition political parties in Tigray Region. Sources say that this time the people of Tigray seem to have gone back to square one.

Information coming out of the area indicates that the controversy created between TPLF and TDF in connection with the soon to be established Interim Government has gone heated. Opposition parties in the Region have also been echoing condemnation regarding the ways or procedures to establish the Interim Government.

The Weekly Amharic Reporter said that the Interim Government would consist of a Regional president, two deputy presidents and four sectoral leadership under the title of deputy president. This Interim Government will have 28 members of cabinet including 17 Bureau heads.

According to the same source, 50 per cent of the cabinet members and the president of the Interim Government will be drawn from TPLF.  Moreover, there is an agreement that the two deputy presidents will be recruited from TDF and the civil society. The news source also indicates that opposition parties will have 21 per cent share of the cabinet seats.  

However, Getachew Reda who is one of the signatories of the peace agreement, which was signed between the Federal Government and TPLF has now come up with a controversial statement. Getachew has told BBC Amharic Service that the way to establish the Interim Government that has reportedly been denounced to be non-inclusive “is not the kind one”, which was intended to be established as per the agreement reached between the Federal Government and TPLF.  

Following this, squabble and differences have been rife among TPLF, TDF and other opposition parties across the Region.

However, bystanders are heard commenting that the squabble and disagreements raised among these groups, that claimed to represent Tigray, solely emanate from their desire to take hold of the ladder of leadership.


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