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Let Us Be Decent at Least as Much as Wolves!

Wolves _ Ethiopia
Tundra Wolves (Photo credit : SportsAction

By Belayneh Abate

Albert Camus, the French philosopher, and writer once said, “for 20 centuries, the total number of evils has not diminished in the world*”. I must add that the number and the cruelty of evil has reached its climax in Ethiopia in this 21st century. 

When I grew up, people used to feel devastated and cry even when they learn about the death of their adversaries. Communities used to respect dead bodies the way they respect the Tabot (the Ark) resting on the head of a priest during holiday celebrations such as Epiphany. When they encounter an unknown dead body carried on a stretcher on the way to burial, they used to stop and bow, cry in tears, expresses their sympathy to the families of the dead, and let the carried dead body pass before they continue their journey. What we witness now is not just heart breaking, but it propels us to compare beasts with humans. 

I have seen a wolf devouring a lamb, but I have never seen groups of wolves expressing their happiness in different forms including in singing and dancing when the other wolve devoured the lamb. Although the world including many Ethiopians have ignored it, groups of evils have been massacring and displacing Amaras from the different parts of their own country. When the evils devour the unarmed innocent Amaras including infants, pregnant women and the elderly, the supporters of evils express their happiness in different forms including in ecstatic selfie pictures, songs, and dances. 

This fact shows that the “human” beasts are far worse than the animal beasts. Furthermore, it teaches that the lambs should NOT expect any shred of mercy from the devouring wolves and their cheering supports. The lambs should promptly realize this unfortunate fact and sharpen their horns to fight back and ensure their existence. 

At a time when dogs are evolving to humans and are trained to drive cars, some people remain at the beast stage of evolution, and some have devolved from humans to beasts. Groups of wolves DO NOT express immense happiness in ecstatic selfies, songs, and dances when their fellow wolves devour lambs. Let us be decent at least as much as wolves. Thank you. 

*Seven Ways of Looking at Pointless Suffering by Scott Samuelson | Issue 153 | Philosophy Now

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  1. Actually I am not surprised at the cruelty of the wolves, especially if they have no culture, no religion, unending hatred and twisted minds. Recall the Mongols, the Goths, some Ottoman Turks, some oromo tribes……no wonder.

    • You for got to list, the ultimate, the leader of all-killers ( the sun wont set on the British empire ) big-& -“Civilized” wolfs-of Earth.

      Killers everywhere… (full-moon) ha ha , it is their season it seems…

      Source =

      Sadly, they are everywhere.. (end of time??)

      Be well


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