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Abiy Ahmed’s supporter attempt to absolve gov’t on the effort to divide Ethiopian Church


Dereje Gerefa Tullu, who appears to be an ethnic Oromo nationalist, attempts to absolve government from blame in connection with attempt to divide one of the ancient Church in the world – Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

He is a kind of supporter who makes the excommunicated bishops as a cover photo for his facebook page which has over 142 thousand followers.

Betty, the talk show host who is also believed to have a manifested sentiment for ethnic Oromo Nationalist cause, had to even pose the question “isn’t there an end to the number of Oromo questions…now you seem to be interested in becoming the patriarch…”

While she was clearly trying to be provocative, her question is misleading in the sense that the first patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Abune Petros, who is Consecrated  as saint and martyr, whose statue stands near St. George church is of ethnic Oromo background. The Ethiopian Church does not give a room for ethnicity -which seems to be the very reason why the forces in power in Ethiopia are now hassling the church to relegate it to an arena where ethnic politics is implemented.

To the question that the “Oromo question” is “endless”, he responded that the question is one but it was not addressed fully. Anyone who happens to have a conversation with ethnic Oromo nationalists is likely to hear about the service delivery problem at Tikur Anbessa. Dereje reiterated it.

If you haven’t, watch the two parts interview from the embedded videos below.

Video : embedded from Betty YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. The political opportunist, liar in chief, unprincipled, unethical, pompous, ethno-fanatic, barbaric, conniving, conspiring, undemocratic, dictatorial, sociopathic, psychopathic, innocent blood-soaked, innocent blood drenched, talkative, boringly loquacious, demagogue, unqualified, unjust, biased, mentally sick, power hungry, throne-obsessed , illogical beyond words, anachronistic, cheap shot, vindictive, insecure, unfit and on and on…………… neophyte in office masquerading as the premier for all Ethiopians while advancing the 16 th century defunct, discarded, relegated to ashes and dust bins of one ofyesterday’s-the bad, the ugly and the horrible, called Gadda culture he dubbed as “Medemer”, who is an ideologue not a pragmatic individual obsessed with grandeur of illusion and delusion called oromumma, has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS IN INSERTING HIS BLOOD DRIPPING AND TARNISHED CRIMINAL HANDS IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE EOTC, AND FOR THAT MATTER ANY OTHER RELIGIOUS INSTITUTES IN ETHIOPIA.

    The legacy of the embezzlement enabler is already being written in the blood of the hundreds of thousands who have perished and are perishing since his cursed arrival 5 years ago, and the rivers of tears of the tens of millions elderly, fathers, mothers, pregnant and nursing young women, helpless children and infants he and his repulsive PP cadres , sycophants and oromumma goons have displaced. This is a political gambler, a buffoon and clown whose 15 minutes of Abiy mania has run its course and reached a screeching end by being dumped and ejected in the abyss dungeon of hell and infamy.

    The more this fool continues to attack, sabotage, cause strife and chaos in the EOTC, the tighter the political-suicide rope will tighten around his neck, the more his barbarism will be exposed to the world, the more his international critics will come out in unison tell to all Ethiopians and Africans “ WE TOLD YOU SO, DESPITE YOUR MISGUIDED NO MORE”, and the closer and faster he will get to be permanently ejected and sent to perpetual ignominy and infamy once and for good!!!!!!!!

  2. These fools need to be contained & saved before they implode on their own, and create a catastrophic human suffering. They are talking about doubling and tripling their population, so that they have the votes to stay in office ( it is blind leading the blind…with no thought of the negative outcome to population-explosion ) while over 20 million people are under UN food support, right now.

    If the let 20 million of their women give 10 birth each in the next 10 years, Oromo will end up with 250 million by 2033… madness, these guys are crazy… there is already a major drought going on in Borena for the last 3 years.

    The only solution to these madness is for the Amhara politicians need to organize a “coalition’ with Afar, Somali, Southern nations, Gambela, Benishangul-Gumuz and create a combined-all-inclusive-opposition-political party, that can save the nation as well as these people who are DRUNK with their imagined, FALSE ‘majority”-syndrome, that will take them to a total collapse as happened to Derg, TPLF, and now they are siting on a branch and cutting the branch off… pure madness.

    Amhara, Afar, Somali, Southern nations, Gambela, Benishangul-Gumuz , get together and create a “coalition” party and save oromo from itself, and save your nation of Ethiopia before it is too late.

    Be well.


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