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Federal Defense Force to replace TPLF militias in Waghimra Zone

Waghimra Zone _ Ethiopia News
Let. General Zewdu Belay making speech to his forces in Waghmra zone (photo : Defense Force FB /file)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Sources said that the Federal Defense Force is to replace TPLF militias in Waghimrah Administrative Zone of Amhara Regional State. The Amharic news service of Addis Maleda said last Saturday that the Defense Force would take up two Woredas, which are under control by TPLF. Over 67,000 people fled their areas in Tsagibja and Abergele Woredas of the Administrative Zone, which have long been under the grip of TPLF forces. The war-displaced people who were in critical problems would soon be repatriated, according to Addis Maleda.

The Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Coordinating Office of Waghimra Administrative Zone said that it has been making intensive efforts to send the displaced people back home. Office head, Mihiret Tamiru said that the Defense Force pledged to liberate the areas from seizure of TPLF. 

Mihiret told Addis Maleda that the Defense Force would liberate the two Woredas within a short period and help repatriate the people. He said that the zone is waiting until the Defense Force gives them confirmation on the restoration of security in the area. Based on this the office had a discussion last Sunday, the 4th of March 2023, with 15 aid organizations on how to repatriate the displaced people, Mihiret said adding that its office has come up with an action plan, which will be acted upon starting from March 07/2023. “To implement the repatriation program and provide relief supplies to the people the office needs 250 million birr,” Mihiret said.

TPLF has controlled 21 Kebeles, which are parts of Waghimra Administrative Zone. “Serious human rights violation has been committed against the people who are under the seizure of TPLF,” according to the Head of Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Coordinating Office.

Meanwhile Borkena reported yesterday that armed infiltrators from Tigray Region were intensifying pressure in Abergelle, Korem, Telemt and Raya areas. The situation in Tsagibja, is much more serious causing many people to be displaced, according to the report.


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  1. of course pp is preparing the 4th round annihilation project on the northerners especially eliminating the Amhara from existence. why the dumb tplf cannot learn from its hateful mistakes is surprising

  2. Good move by the ENDF. A force must be placed in areas where the situation is tense to keep those who are not tired of death and senseless destruction. That country does not UN or any other peace keeping forces. Good idea by the ENDF commanders.


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