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Ruling Prosperity Party arrested Gurage zone chiefs 

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By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Measures taken by the government to detain leading party officials of Gurage Zone sparked anger among the people. The incumbent will not restrain the interest of the people through terror, sources said.

Hiber Radio said that Prosperity Party Officials in Gurage Zone were thrown behind bars for allegedly denouncing the administrative clustering program being implemented in the South Region by the ruling party. 

“Zones that raised their constitutional rights of regional self-administration were condemned by the government to be incorporated into clusters. The Gurage Zone has not accepted this. Zonal Council rejected the government-led clustering program by majority vote. Following this, various pressures like detention, killings and harassment have been coming from the incumbent government,” the radio said.

All immune members of the Zonal Council including pregnant women were reportedly among the detainees.

Guraghe Zone Council member, Menur Reshid; Chair of Zonal Council Standing Committee, Tejitu Demeke; Head with Urban Trade and Industry, Asrat Tedla; Revenue Head of Wolkite Town, Seffa Jemal; Security Head of Addis Sub-City of Wolkite Town, Mulugeta Fikadu; Regional Industry Center Head, Fikire Azata; Registrar Director of Wolkite University, Assefa Minuta were reportedly detained. 

The people of Gurage Zone are experiencing sufferings following the rejection of the clustering program being promoted by the ruling party. So far, people in Wolkite Town endured a serious lack of potable water provision. Six, among the peaceful demonstrators who demanded water, were shot dead by government security forces.

Habtamu Kitaba,Member of the Ethiopian Citizens for Justice, said that the ruling party is relying on its weapons to suppress the demand of Guraghe people who are clamoring for regional self-administration.

 “Prosperity Party has taken a stand that Guraghe must not get independent regional administration. To maintain its position the government has been suppressing the demand of the people through detention, killing, prevention of potable water provision, etc.” Habtamu lauded and expressed honor to young Guraghes who are holding peaceful struggle. “I have no doubt that, it is a matter of time, you all emerge victorious,” Habtamu added.


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