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Tension mounting near Amhara-Tigray border

Amhara -Tigray boundary tension
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By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Pressures knotted with coordinated propaganda are mounting from various sides against Amhara Regional State, sources said. 

Ethio-News quoted sources as saying that armed infiltrators from Tigray Region pressured Abergelle, Korem, Telemt and Raya areas.

“TPLF Militias are streaming around in low land areas of Abergelle and Korem localities. The militias are making loud noises while drilling with full fire exchange and movements. The situation in Abergele, at a place specially known as Tsagibja, is much more serious. Many people were displaced from the area,” Ethio-news said.

A few days back the TPLF-led militias in this same area, Abergelle, opened fire and injured people. The source said that the militias in these areas have not been disarmed yet. Moreover, additional armed people are flowing into the area. 

A brigade led by a colonel named Affera has reportedly inflicted an attack against Amhara Special Force and civilian people in Telemt area. “Now TPLF is infiltrating new armed people into a spot where Welkait Sugar Factory is located. They are now settling people by pulling them out from Debre-Abay and Endabaguna. This has been done deliberately to launch an attack aiming to control the area with prolonged movement,” sources said, adding that similar movements are witnessed around Wolkait and Waldiba area.  

Militia movements have also been reported in Hada-Alga, Were-Baye, Tseaada Meda, and Cherecher localities of Raya plain areas, Ethio-News said. “New entrants are arriving in Chercher area in particular.”

People believed to be planted by TPLF have reportedly been engaged in a campaign saying that Amhara Special Force and Fano, posted in Korem, should leave the area. Sources said that the campaign is intended to create psychological pressure and erode the spirit of the army that is on standby  in the area. 

These same individuals are disseminating propaganda saying, “TPLF is not a threat to the Federal Government”. They said that as TPLF and the Federal Government reached an agreement, TPLF would not be a threat to the Federal Government.

“What they are now using is a strategy of identifying or targeting an enemy. TPLF is doing this to put pressure on Amahra with the vision of claiming or recapturing what it is calling Western Tigray,” Ethio-News said.

People are asking what roles the peace agreement has played ever since the Government and TPLF have signed it in Pretoria and Nairobi, according to the news source.


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  1. If war erupts again, it does not matter by whom or between whomever, I will be holding every one of them responsible for the death of young people and innocent civilians. I will also hold leaders of the federal government just because it will be happening under their watch. Not a single young man/woman in either Amhara or Tigray region should lose his/her Allah blessed life in a stupid war started by bigoted and stupid individuals. When will those niggers learn lessons? When? When? When? Damn, damn, damn, damn them niggers!!!!!

    Your Excellency PM Abiy,
    If war erupts again in the north it will be happening under your well informed eyes and ears. As a leader you will be held responsible. I don’t give a flying hoot who started what you are supposed to have an ‘indomitable’ military force to be able to stop such potentially destructive conflict. I look at it this way. When you are rounding up your family to go to your temple of worship on a designated day(s) those innocent families in Tigray and Amhara will be losing their Allah gifted children in a stupid war they did not even start. How egotistical that would on your part? How selfish will that be? Being so selfish is a sin in both of our major religions. Not one youth should lose his/her life or limb anymore. Period, full stop!!!

  2. I may add this about some of you bigots here among us. I have been watching you and what you post on your evil social media accounts. I saw your postings where you encouraged and incited the gullible youth over there to go into the streets knowing for facts that deadly force will be awaiting him. That is so callous on your part. You are trying to use the unemployed, the downtrodden, the hopeless and easily enraged youth as cannon fodder for your evil plan to send that gem of the colored into a tailspin of chaos and bloodshed. You do that from your comfy homes here among us. You send your children to schools and you urge the youth in the old country to rush into a raging inferno. You’re evil! Someday you will stand in front of The Almighty Our Creator and answer for what you did to his children. You will burn in hell to eternity.

  3. Amhara will not sleep peacefully in Tigrayan lands it occupied by the help of eritrea & the federal army.
    Amhara has no spirit to stand infront of the tigrayan army.

  4. to try to sound sense ito abiy ahmed gragn ali is like adding water on rocks – it never penetrates. btw the peacock god has asked for another round of blood – which will come as usual from hapless tigrayans and the hated Amharas. oromos will be free and frolicking in milk!


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