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Amhara Prosperity Party seems loosing grip on Fano

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Amhara-Oromia regional authorities conference in Bahir Dar in 2017 (Photo : file)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – After having a discussion recently behind the curtain with officials of Oromia Prosperity Party, the Amhara Prosperity Party leadership seems to loose grips on handling Fano, sources said. 

The two brothers-in-arms are at loggerheads over issues that irritated the Amhara people at all levels.  Though the two came up with a joint statement, last week, saying that the last meeting ended in agreement, sources say that the rift existing between the two seems to be widening. 

What now appears to be a deceptive statement,from last week,which stated  ‘we are working together for development’ does not reflect reality on the ground. People know very well that the two brothers-in-arms are still on bad terms.

Meanwhile people in Amhara are putting pressure against the top leading officials that they should release Fano leaders and other detainees. 

The recently intensified ‘cell phone’ campaign that requests the release of Fanos in general including Patriot Zemene Kssie seems to get a head-nodding acceptance from the ruling party. The Amhara Prosperity Party senior leadership reportedly received the message forwarded to every one of them via their cell phone.

Following this, certain members of Fanos are released. Accordingly, Ashenafi Akalu, nephew of Zemene Kassie, Fitihalew Assefa including Zerihun who was the driver of Zemene Kassie were all set free last Friday. The three Fanos were reportedly released on birr 43,000 bail.

Sources say that Fanos in Gonder are moving freely without any restriction. The colorful celebration of the 127th anniversary of Victory of Adwa, which was fully attended by Fnos in Gonder, is a clear indication of this. Previously Fanos were not allowed to move freely in Gonder areas.

It is to be recalled that during the last meeting, president of Oromia Regional State, Shimelis Abdissa accused the Amhara leadership of failing to disarm Fano. He reportedly asked, “why the leadership watches silently while Fano is getting stronger”. 


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