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Security forces should be held accountable, Human Rights Commission says

Security Forces _ Adwa Celebration

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said here today that government security forces should be held accountable to law for the illegal acts they perpetrated yesterday against civilians in Addis Ababa. 

The Commission said in the statement it issued today in connection with the celebration of the 127th anniversary of Victory of Adwa that the security forces have used excessive force against civilians who gathered yesterday to celebrate the anniversary of victory of Adwa at Menelik Square. 

State security forces that applied excessive force should not only be held accountable to the law but also should receive training so that they would not inflict similar injuries against others, the Commission said in its statement.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Commissioner; Daniel Bekele, said that the security forces have used excessive force against peaceful citizens. Daniel said that government security forces clubbed, threw teargas and fired live bullets against the people who gathered to celebrate the 127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa. 

At least one person was reportedly confirmed dead and several others sustained physical injury, the commissioner said, adding that children, elderly people and women were among those who sustained serious and light injuries. 


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  1. Now people are beginning to question abiy’s and his pp’s claim on the conduct of his troops and what happened during the war. Because the abiy camp had painted the war as an existential danger to the safety and security of the Ethiopian people, the Ethiopian people, believing him to be a genuine, committed and principled leader, wholeheartedly sided with him.

    However, his recent interference in the affairs of the EOTC exposed him as an unscrupulous and unethical political opportunist with no shame or an iota of ethical standard, compassion or honesty. So now there is a big question mark that is facing the nation. How to circumscribe the excesses of this premier who will leave no stones unturned to satisfy his hunger for power and domination now is indispensable.

    An independent probe into the human rights records of abiy and his pp is unavoidable because of the disturbing trends of this regime, heading towards fascism, dictatorship and crimes against humanity.


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