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Making mockery of history 

Kristian Tadelle

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Prominent individuals are still expressing views over the situation that happened during the celebration of the anniversary of victory of Adwa in Addis Ababa. 

Member of senior leadership of Amhara National Movement, Kristian Tadelle, commenting on the celebration of the 127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa, said that he was downhearted over incidents he observed during the celebration day yesterday. Celebrating the victory day with beating, harassment and detaining darkened the day, according to Kristian. 

Kristian said that the Victory of Adwa is a remarkable achievement that has changed the course of world history in a radical way. “The victory is owned not only by Ethiopians, but also by the entire human beings who have gone through the anti-colonial struggle. The victory ensured the respect for human rights with blood seal. People who are filled with this spirit pay proper respect and appreciation assuming that the victory of Adwa is theirs,” Kristian said.  He thus called on all Ethiopians to honor and show gratitude to our ancestors who scored a striking victory of Adwa.

Kristian also talked about the personality of leaders. “Regarding the personality of our leaders, there may be arguments. However, while talking of Adwa, we cannot avoid mentioning Emperor Menelik. It might be possible to hate the Emperor. However, without Menelik there is no Adwa,” he said. 

Kristian has given emphasis to an issue of image being used during the celebration of the 127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa. Taking out Menelik’s image from the poster that shows the historical victory of Adwa and substituting it with the image of an individual,” seems to surprise and irritate him a lot. He is enquiring about the significance of posting an image of an individual, from incumbent leadership, who had never been to the then battleground of Adwa. 

“This is tantamount to putting your own image by removing the image of Jesus Christ in the big illustration of Last Supper. This can either be taken as stitching your own picture instead of Jesus Christ who was crucified to herald renaissance,” Kristian said.

Kristian expresses what makes him sick most. “In this regard I feel sorry or I am ashamed of not by those who did this thing. Rather Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who kept his mouth shut when his image is stitched on billboards in the place of Menelik gravely saddens me,” said Kristian.

“How does a man at this level collaborate silently for such a kind of shame? Why couldn’t he stop the detaining and harassment perpetrated yesterday against citizens by security forces? Won’t celebrating the Victory of Adwa through detaining, harassment and beating downgrade the charm of the victory? How can we differentiate a victory celebrated in this way from slavery?” 


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