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127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa celebrated at Meskel Square for the first time

Adwa Victory Meskel Square
Ethiopian Authorities during the celebration at Meskel Square. Abiy Ahmed not seen (Photo : EBC)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The 127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa celebrated here at Meskel Square colorfully in the presence of the FDRE President, high-level government officials, Speakers of House of Peoples Representatives and House of Federation, ambassadors, foreign military attaches and residents of Addis Ababa.

President of FDRE, Sahle-Work Zewidie, said in a speech she made on the occasion that the victory of Adwa withheld at high level the pace of colonial expansion in Africa.

“Victory of Adwa has contributed a lot to the establishment of modern Africa. It is also the main founding base to launch Pan Africanism,” the president said. She further said that Adwa victory was achieved not only by Emperor Minilik and Empress Taitu or warlords and veterans who played major roles but also by Ethiopians whose names are not known.

Chief of Staff of FDRE Ministry of Defense, Marshal Birhanu Julla, also said on his part that as the sacrifice made to emerge victorious at Adwa is the victory scored by the then entire compatriots; its history has become the common history of the whole nation. “War is a communal struggle. It is not the act of limited group members or individuals. Groups and individuals may take the credit for playing the major roles and thereby becoming a model to nurture the new generation. However, it is the broad mass that makes history of victory,” Marshal Birhanu said.

Part of the military parade at Meskel Square. Emperor Menelik is missing from the poster featuring figures from Adwa Victory (Photo : EBC)

He further said that the decision made by the government to give the Ministry of Defense the responsibility of the celebration of victory of Adwa is historical. “Earlier it was celebrated in a manner well below its standard,” he said, adding that the Ministry of Defense would take responsibility to celebrate the victory at the standard level it deserves.

President of the Ethiopian Patriots Association, Lij Daniel Jotie, said on the occasion that the victory of Adwa was not celebrated previously in such a colorful way. “That was done deliberately,” he said.

The president at length extended appreciation to officials of the incumbent government in general and to the Premier in particular. “I would like to extend my gratitude to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who accepted my request of giving the responsibility of coordinating the celebration of the victory of Adwa to the Defense Force. Now it has gone to its right place,” current president of Ethiopian Patriotic Association said.

The 127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa was celebrated under the theme ‘unity, bravery and endurance’. There were military parades including displays of heavy weapons and an air show on the occasion. 

The celebration was held for the first time at Meskel Square. It used to be  celebrated by the government and the people at Emperor Menelik Square. This morning the police dispersed people who gathered at Menelik Square to celebrate the anniversary.


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