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Three killed in a reported protest in Guji zone, Oromia region

Borena _ Guji Zone _ Oromia
Google map of Guji Zone


At least three peaceful protestors are reportedly killed and two others injured in Bore town of Guji zone, Oromia region of Ethiopia.

The incident happened on Tuesday when residents took to the street to protest the newly proposed administrative arrangement in the area. They clashed with security forces as the latter attempted to disperse it. 

DW Amharic, on Wednesday, said Teshome Bule, Head of Bore Town Peace and Security Office, has confirmed the casualties 

from the clash between protestors and security forces. 

He is cited as saying that the peaceful demonstration was not authorized and that some protestors were throwing rocks and attacking institutions. He also accused protestors of attempting to disperse the open market.  Mr. Teshome added that “security forces were able to control the situation before the scale of the damage gets bigger.” 

Authorities in the Oromia region are introducing a new policy to reorganize the area as the East Borena Zone, which is part of the drought-affected area. Residents oppose that. 

Residents told the source that the intended new administrative arrangement makes Negele Borena Town, which used to be under Guji zone administration, to the new East Borena Zone administration. 

Shimeles Abdissa, president of Oromia regional state, reportedly visited the area just a day after the clash. But his visit is related to the humanitarian situation in the area. 

The Borena Zone has been making news headlines in recent weeks in connection with a severe drought that killed, reportedly, over three million livestock in the region. Well over 300,000 residents in the zone are said to be facing a famine-like situation and in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. 


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  1. Did anybody else notice one standing equation typical of the old country since 1974? Here it is for you just in case you missed it.

    Protest = Dead Protesters
    Peaceful Protest = >2 Dead Protesters(only one 1 dead is against the rule).


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