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Ethiopia’s popular singer says Ethiopia’s existence in danger 

Teddy Afro, Ethiopia’s popular singer, called up on the generation to defend and rescue Ethiopia from the danger

Ethiopia's popular singer _ Teddy Afro
Ethiopia’s popular singer, Teddy Afro (Photo : From Teddy Afro official social media page)


Teddy Afro, Ethiopia’s most popular singer, on Wednesday, said Ethiopia’s existence is in danger.  He said so in a message he conveyed on the occasion of the 127th anniversary of Adwa Victory.

He started his brief message by saying that it is with a profound sense of National Pride that he expresses his best wishes for Ethiopians, in the country and abroad, for the 127th anniversary. 

In the next (and last) paragraph of his message,  he said that Ethiopia is facing more existential danger than ever before and that it should be emphasized on the occasion of the 127th Adwa celebration.

Teddy Afro’s message

“As we celebrate this year’s 127th Adwar Victory, it should be emphasized that our country Ethiopia, more than ever before, is facing a danger of continuing as a country.  It should be taken into consideration that it is on the shoulders of our generation to defend and rescue, more than ever before, our common country which our forefathers preserved with great resistance and sacrifice,” he said.

One of Teddy Afro’s albums is prominent for the song related to Adwa Victory. He gave it the title “Tikur sew” in Amharic which means “Black Man.” In it, he tried to vividly portray Emperor Menelik’s (whom he called a black man)  mobilization for the inevitable war, his leadership of the war, the response of Ethiopians to it, the composition of the forces,  the battle itself including the role of military commanders and its outcome – among other things. 

Ethiopians across the country are celebrating it on Thursday. This year, the Ethiopian Defense Force organized a military parade at Meskel Square in the capital Addis Ababa. State media also reported that there will be a brief ceremony in the morning first at the statue of Emperor Menelik near  St. George church and then march to Adwa avenue. 

Meanwhile, there are reports of arbitrary arrests in Addis Ababa in connection with Adwa Celebration. Borkena Staff reporter reported from Addis Ababa that police were arresting youth for wearing clothes with a portrait of Emperor Menelik. 


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  1. Addis Ababa police disguised oromo goons are doing the bidding of the Black Mongols who invade others lands and play victimhood. They were successful in the past because of the disarray of other Ethiopians – now everyone knows what abiy and his goons are feasting for Ethiopia and we are ready to fight back. Long live Black Ethiopia.

  2. Teddy ‘Tewodros Kassahun’ Afro exposed himself long ago. He went from Rasta who worships Bob Marley to politician who worships “Menelik”. I will never take him seriously and I think he helped decimate Ethiopia, especially Addis Ababa culture.


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