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Nation’s big problem emanates from inefficient leaders of institutions, study reveals

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By staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EFACC) disclosed here in connection with the announcement of the third survey study of corruption held at national level that the big problems of the nation emanates from inefficiency of leaders of institutions.

Local FM Radio, Ahadu 94.3, quoted Commission’s Chief Executive Director, Tesfaye Shemebo as saying that the study that involved over seven thousand people has identified four major problems of the country. Accordingly, hardship of life, unemployment, corruption and inefficiency of leaders of institutions have been picked out as the major hazards of the entire nation, according to the study conducted by FEACC.

Tesfaye said that one of the big problems of the country is the inefficiency of leaders that administer institutions. “The fact that they have engaged themselves in embezzlement and in pursuing their personal benefits, made things hard to realize social transformation.

The study recommends that capable, knowledgeable and exemplary leaders should be produced if the problems need to be resolved. “If efficient leaders that give priority to the community, or the ones who are concerned for their people, are made to come forward, then we can easily solve public problems and address complaints thereby realize societal transformation,” Tesfaye said.

All federal regions and city administrations except Tigray were reportedly embraced by the study.


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