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Comrades-in-arms at loggerheads

Yilkal Kefale, left, Amhara region president and Shimeles Abdissa, right, Oromia region president. (Photo :ENA)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The Regional Prosperity Party Branches of Amhara and Oromia are having their meeting here at the HQ of PP at Arat Kilo. Sources say that the party was pressured to hold the meeting following the aggravated disagreements between the two branches.

The difference between the two comrades-in-arms intensified as certain undesired developments were mushrooming gradually. First President of Oromia Regional State, Shimelis Abdissa called the other officials in Amhara ‘inactive’ or ‘dormant’ (kumo ker). The Amhara side waited for a few days munching the name-calling and hurled a response calling the other group ‘Captives of the old history’. The squabble has deteriorated with the exchange of harsh words and name-calling at the meeting held in Bahir Dar.

Sources say that the Amhara Prosperity Party is struggling ahead with heavy burdens weighing on its shoulders. The party is shaking toe to head being bombarded by questions and demands flowing from the Amhara people. They are complaining of the political sabotage deliberately made to displace them from Wollega… 

The people have been prevented from crossing over to the capital of the nation, Addis Ababa. Many of them who are driving from Bahirdar, Gonder, Gojam and Wollo are made to stop at checkpoints near Debre-Birhan and Fiche. The restriction of the people from entering Addis has affected the region’s trade activities.

Moreover, the directives descended from the federal government to supply wheat yield in low prices to Unions have created a great load on the farming community. Many young people who were suspected of having connections with Fano have been thrown into prisons. Now the people are asking the officials to release their leaders and children. 

North Shewa of Amhara has been pounded by armed forces coming from Oromia Region for more than 11 times which left many to death and displacement. Ataye Town was completely destroyed with this orchestrated mayhem. Many people in general and Amharas in particular have been displaced from around Addis Ababa with the aim of clearing the way for the new City, Sheger. Many displaced people from Wollega are stuffed in shelters in the town of Debirebirhan. There is no sufficient food provision for the displaced people. No one can forget the incident in which Amhars were made to be displaced from Benishangul. A large number of displaced Amharas have now been spread around towns in the Region.

These days Amharas have been in great difficulties. Factories, hospitals, schools, residential houses and infrastructures were shelled and demolished by the recently held civil war. The federal government has not so far provided the region with funds to rehabilitate the demolished areas. Moreover, the hidden relation between TPLF and the ruling Oromo PP has given a big headache to Amharas. The Pretoria agreement has now been forgotten and TPLF is made to reinvigorate. TPLF has not been disarmed fully. The fighters were not also sent, as promised, to rehabilitation centers. What is surprising is that the two are meeting regularly for discussion in various parts of the country. The meeting of the Premier and Getachew Reda of TPLF in Dawro is the case in point. Above all this the recent speech heard from General Tadesse Worede depicts what has been in store for Amharas. Generally, everything with regard to the secret meeting of the two is unclear. Amidst all these Amharas are now heard expressing concern about the possible attack from TPLF.

Amhara PP officials have gone so far asking, “did we topple dictator TPLF to substitute it with another dictator Oromo PP?” This was the big question forwarded by the Amhara PP.

It is with all these burdens Amhara PP is holding the meeting in Addis. The officials are in doubt of the Oromo-TPLF secret relation. The comrades-in-arms relation between Amhara and Oromo PPs has gone rotten. Amhara officials are complaining that the Oromo PP has been gobbling up all resources the country has amassed from time immemorial. The egocentric way of devouring the capital City, Addis Ababa, is a good case in point. 

Now the two comrades-in-arms are holding a meeting, which is closely eyed by many. The Premier reportedly said that he would not preside over the meeting. The two deputy prime ministers are in charge of chairing the meeting…  Ethiopians are expecting that the outcome of the meeting will pull back the country out of the abyss.


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  1. I repeat what I said before about these two giant groups of people as shown below

    The fate of that country is mainly in the hands of these two giant ethnic groups. I said ‘mainly’ because just two of them constitute more than 60% of the country’s population. Their mutual history depicts the fact that one of them cannot exist in their current form without the other. These two groups of people are the backbone of that nation as a country and anything that may lead to the damage of such stature should be resolved/avoided in a civil sit down. I repeat: without these two working together you can kiss and say goodbye to that gem of the colored. Such scenario will drag every part of the country into deadly and destructive chaos that will send the entire 120+ million people on the move. Syria and Afghanistan have a combined population of about 60 million and look at what nightmarish situation they handed humanity to deal with. 120+ million is not something to laugh it off. This sit down should be seen as the right move.

  2. Election NOW!! OLF/PM Abiy OUT of Government!! OUT of Arat Kilo!! OUT of Ethiopia!! NEW Election NOW!!!

    The ignoramus Shimels Abdissa and OLF kleptomaniac mafias should go back to herding cattle’s and farming. Ignorance coupled with savagery and theft is the nature of OLF/Orommua/Gadda that resulted in million of Amhara massacre, displacements and lootings of their hard earned properties in the violence ridden Oromia zone and Amhara zone, Addis Ababa and its vicinity.

    OLF does not represent Ethiopians and must get out of Addis Ababa and government!!


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