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Amhara, Oromia prosperity party “agreed to work together”

Which of the core issues that brought the two entities into a collision course were discussed remains unknown to the public as little information is released

Amhara , Oromo Prosperity
Communication affairs heads from both regions during a joint press conference (Photo : public domain)


Amhara and Oromia regions Prosperity Party leaders met on Monday in the capital after weeks of bickering. 

Despite fears that their meeting was prone to go wrong based on the words they had been exchanging for weeks,  the state media 

on Wednesday reported that they reached an agreement. 

It is said that the leaders from the two regions had a day-long extensive discussion regarding the challenges they faced. 

Furthermore, state media said that they have agreed to work together on “good governance and mutual development” issues. 

The communications affairs heads of both regions had a joint press statement during which they said they have reached an agreement. 

They have been accusing each other, and their differences did appear to have an ideological foundation.  It is rooted in their understanding of history. 

The Oromia region blamed Amhara region leadership as “stagnant” with nostalgia for Ethiopia’s past and the intention to restore what it called the old regime.  The Amharic it uses is “Ye Duro Serat Nafafi.” 

And the Amhara region’s leadership sees Oromia region leadership as “captives of history” with a commitment to maintaining indulgence in politics of intrigues. 

Ethnic Amhara communities in the Oromia region have been facing persecution – which the region and the federal government have been mainly linking to the group it calls OLF-Shane.

Apart from the massacres of tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara communities, including women and children, in the region, citizens traveling to Addis Ababa from Gojam and Wollo (both Amhara regions) have been harassed by the Oromia region security officials. 

There have been recurring cases of passengers’ buses being stopped at checkpoints and told to return back or even detained as hostages at times. 

The Oromia regional state has also been undertaking the demolition of residential houses, and there have been accusations the demolition has been discriminatory. 


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  1. I badly needed good news out of the old country and this one gave me one. I will say this again and again until my last day on this good earth. These two groups of people can not live without each other. Amharas can not live without their neighbors Oromos and vice versa. I had explained why. So know it, live it!!!!


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