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Amhara, Oromia region prosperity party officials meeting reportedly underway

Amhara _ Oromia _ Prosperity Party
Adem Farah, deputy president of Prosperity Party (Photo : PP /file)

Updated on March 1,2023

Prosperity Party officials from Amhara and Oromia region are reportedly holding a meeting in the capital Addis Ababa.  It is said to focus on current affairs on regional and national levels.

The ruling prosperity party, despite being presented as a single national party, is organized on the basis of ethnicity. It means that all the ethnic-based-federal states do have their respective prosperity party leadership at the regional level. 

It is unspecified why only Amhara and Oromo regional state prosperity party officials are meeting on “current affairs.” No further details are available in this writing.  However, it is noticeable to many Ethiopians who express their views on the matter tend to think that the meeting could have serious implications for Ethiopia. 

Adem Farah, deputy president of Prosperity Party, and Demeke Mekonnen, also deputy, are said to be leading the meeting along with the presidents from the two regions. 

In the past few weeks, there have been bickerings between the two branches of the ruling party. 

The Oromo region Prosperity Party and leader of the Oromia region, essentially the same entities that are said to have dominated power after the fall of the TPLF as a power player, has been making accusations against what it calls “Kumo Ker” ( could translate to “stagnant”) for having, as it believes, an intention to restore that it calls “Old regime.” At times, Oromia leaders use the phrase”Ye Duro Ser’at Nafaki” with the intention to belittle the imagined forces. It translates to “forces with nostalgia for the old regime.” 

Oromia regional state security authorities have also been supporting the illegal moves of the renegade group that broke away from the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Church. 

The Prosperity Party in Amhara region has been unresponsive to accusations from Oromia region for a long time despite constant political pressure in connection with the endless massacre of ethnic Amhara in the Oromia region of Ethiopia – something the Federal government failed to end too. 

Last week, the Amhara regional state released a statement openly criticizing what it called “captives of history” who are gambling on ethnic identity. The statement did not name names but it was apparent that it was making a reference to ethnic Oromo nationalists within the ruling party. 

Apart from the massacre in the Oromia region, passengers from the Amhara region heading to Addis Ababa have been, at least on more than four occasions, stopped and harassed in the Oromia region by Oromia region security forces in charge of check-points along the main roads, from different directions to Addis Ababa. 


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  1. The fate of that country is mainly in the hands of these two giant ethnic groups. I said ‘mainly’ because just two of them constitute more than 60% of the country’s population. Their mutual history depicts the fact that one of them can not exist in their current form without the other. These two groups of people are the backbone of that nation as a country and anything that may lead to the damage of such stature should be resolved/avoided in a civil sit down like this. I repeat: without these two working together you can kiss and say goodbye to that gem of the colored. Such scenario will drag every part of the country into deadly and destructive chaos that will send the entire 120+ million people on the move. Syria and Afghanistan have a combined population of about 60 million and look at what nightmarish situation they handed humanity to deal with. 120+ million is not not something to laugh it off. This sit down should be seen as the right move.


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