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Over 1.7 million Ethiopians face famine in Borena Zone

Teddy Afro donates 1 million birr to drought-hit Ethiopians in borena zone

Borena Zone Drought _ Ethiopia
Over 3 million livestock reportedly died due to the drought situation in Borena zone (Photo : Social media)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – If the drought in Borena Zone stays for long and the rain fails to come next season, 1.7 million people will face food shortage, the Weekly Amharic Reporter wrote in its February 26, 2023 issue quoting Zonal Health Bureau.

Mothers and Children Program Coordinator with Health Bureau of Borena Zone, Jarsso Sara, told Reporter that so far 3 million livestock died as the rain has stopped coming for the last five consecutive seasons. Borena is inhabited by 1.7 million people of whom some 800,000 need relief aid, according to Jarsso.

He said that children below five years of age numbering 21, 637 are exposed to malnutrition. About 1,018 of the children are in critical condition, according to Jarsso who further said that 54, 457 pregnant mothers are also exposed to malnutrition with 25, 338 in a serious condition.

Though there is no reported clinical death, there are people who died at home in connection with lack of food and malnutrition, he said.

Livestock Sector Head with Zonal Agriculture Bureau, Kassim Guyu (Dr.) said that the drought has not been given due attention by the media and the government. “Though natives from the zone are doing life saving activities, taking into consideration the magnitude of the disaster, what has so far been done is insufficient,” Kassim said.

Kassim further noted that 3.3 million livestock perished, some 300,000 compatriots or 68,000 households have been displaced and sheltered near the town. Over 800,000 people need emergency relief aid, according to Kassim.

In a related development, sources said that the renowned singer, Tewodros Kassahun, alias Teddy Afro, donated birr 1 million to drought-affected compatriots. Tedy reportedly donated the fund in connection with the 127th anniversary of Victory of Adwa.


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