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The illegal group that broke away from the Holy Synod engaged in illegal activity 

His Grace Abune Entos


It has been over a week now since the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church announced that the Archbishops ( at least two of them) that broke away from the Holy Synod have agreed to implement the ten points of agreement that were prepared with intervention from Abiy Ahmed’s government and elders. 

The government on its part was meant to enforce rule of law and provide protection for the Ethiopian Church. It does not seem to be happening. 

A report by EOTC media this week indicated that the illegal group was engaged in looting in West Hararghe Diocese, Chiro town. 

The group used a duplicate key to get access to the diocese’s office and took a vehicle and motorbike. It is the Dioceses office that disclosed the development. 

The source said it is unknown where it took the properties to. 

Zone-level government is standing on the ground that “it can not question the illegal group unless the Oromia region writes a letter [giving instruction of law enforcement]).” 

The source added that the Archbishop of the Diocese, His Grace Abune Entos, worked on it along with the head of the patriarchate office His Grace Abune Abraham and His Holiness Abune Mathias. 

The Ethiopian Church was planning to call for a peaceful demonstration on February 12 if the Ethiopian government fails to end interference in the affairs of the church and discharge its law enforcement duties. 

The demonstration was postponed after the elders and the Prime Minister held a “discussion” and an arrangement was made for the renegade Archbishop to apologize and return to the Holy Synod. 


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