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Ethiopians whose vehicles are looted by TPLF during the war plea for help 

Ethiopians _ Vehicles _ TPLF _ Tigray
Buses destroyed by the war in Northern Ethiopia. (Photo screenshot from VOA Amharic video)


The two years war between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Federal government has claimed an estimated one million people. 

The destruction of the properties including private ones is not less severe either.  Properties that can be relocated had been looted too by TPLF forces. 

A story published by VOA Amharic this week says individuals in Kalu and Kombolcha in the Amhara region of Ethiopia whose Vehicles and/or buses ( means of livelihood) had been taken to the Tigray region are saying that their families are exposed to difficulties.  They are as many as fifty in number. 

According to the source, they said that they have confirmed that their vehicles are in Tigray. And they ask that the government pay attention to robbed properties. They are raising the matter in light of the peace agreement signed between the TPLF and the government. 

Relevant authorities in the Transport department in the Tigray region deny that there were no stolen vehicles. They see them as war loots. 

However, the source cited the regional transport office authorities as saying that a policy is in place to return them to their owners.  But it indicated that the Federal government and “regions” have to work together in that direction. 

The region’s transport office is also making claims that over six thousand Vehicles that belong to the Tigray region were looted and has requested the Federal government to support efforts to recover them.  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government last month ordered 5 billion Ethiopian birr to be transferred from the National Bank to the Tigray region. 

The Amhara region says, according to a VOA report, 77 private and public vehicles were looted, and that the region does not have the capacity to address the issue through The Rehabilitation Fund that was established to address damages related to the war. Furthermore, the region said that relevant international and national entities are informed about it. 

The war ended in November 2022 when the Ethiopian government and the TPLF signed what is said to be an African Union-brokered peace agreement in Pretoria. 

It does not seem to be the case, however, that the threat of war is completely eliminated. A recent statement from Lesane Gefuan, an advocacy group for Wolkait, said that the TPLF has the intention to open a fourth round of war. Neither Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Administration nor the TPLF remarked on that. 

Afar and Amhara regions were severely affected because of the war. Much of these regions have been war zones for several months, some areas for over a year. 


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  1. QUOTE: “Much of these regions have been war zones for several months, some areas for over a year.” UNQUOTE

    What a tragedy!!!
    But then, ORDINARY LAW ABIDING CITIZENS are the ones who are USED to sacrifice their dear LIFE for the purpose of satisfying ambitious individuals and government bureaucracy. IT IS HISTORICAL CRIME THAT CAN NEVER BE ERASED in the history of our dear Black Africa. NEVER!


    INDEED, WHAT A TRAGEDY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. maybe this time the war will be between tplf and abiy on one side and the fano and wolkait people on the other side. where will the federal army be – only God knows!


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