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Mistreated Ethiopian Church laities urged to submit evidences

Ethiopian Church laities -
His Grace Abune Abraham (third from left) and His Grace Abune Petros (second from left) are flanked by Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahed Church Legal team ( Photo ; EoTC)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) has called faithful, who sustained injuries and mistreatments in connection with the recent turmoil, to report and submit evidence.

The Holy Church said that laities who were attacked, tortured mentally and bodily, fired and suspended from their duties in connection with the recent incident are advised to appear in person to submit recorded and written evidence.

 “Those who sustained mental and physical injuries; others, who were suspended from their respective duties for wearing black clothes following religious directives, can submit their evidence,” the Church has called.

EOTC has also urged religious fathers, laities and others to collaborate by sending evidence related to the recent incident.

EOTC further said that an advisory and supporting committee of legal professionals is giving invaluable services to give legal responses to the illegal and lawless activities carried out in connection with the recent occurrences.  

Meanwhile an envoy led by religious fathers drawn from the Holy Synod of EOTC is ready to visit young faithful who have been detained in a prison specially known as Awash Sebat.

An interim legal Committee established by EOTC told the Amharic weekly Addis Maleda that the envoy would travel to the area to see the situation of the young detainees. Committee member, Lawyer Ayalew Bitani, said that it was significant to travel to the area to visit the young people and start the legal process. 

Ayalew said that there are many young people detained in the prison. “So far 268 young people have been thrown behind bars in Awash Sebat Prison,” he said. All except one inmate have not yet appeared before court, according to Ayalew. Dawit Gutta, who was chairperson of the Akaki Sunday School, appeared before court and was released on bail.

In a related development, the Federal first instance Arada court released Pastor Biniyam Shitaye on 5,000 birr bail, source said. Advisory and supporting committee of EOTC said that 33 lawyers joined forces to defend Pastor Biniyam whom police had reportedly detained for voicing against the political interference in EOTC. 


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