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Attempt to take Eskindir Nega to Addis Ababa failed, now in Bahir Dar and released

“Had it happened, you could have imagined what could follow,” Eskindir Nega

Eskindir Nega _ released _ Bure
Eskindir Nega ( in blue shirt) speaking to supporters outside of police station in Bahir Dar.


Eskinder Nega is reportedly released from the police station. He was arrested on Friday night in Bure, Gojam and taken to Bahir Dar where he spent one more day in custody.

He was not indicted in any criminal activity nor did he appear in court. According to reports, popular pressure was behind his release.

Sources say that there were plans to take him to Addis Ababa. It was due to popular pressure that the plan was foiled.

Video footage from Tana Tube shows Eskinder Nega speaking to a crowd that was waiting for him outside of a police station in Bahir Dar.

He spoke about the condition of his arrest.

“First of all I would like to welcome you all and I want to say thank you all,” he said and he continued to share information as to how he was arrested.

“Let me tell you a bit about the condition of our arrest, what the process was like and what you have done. We were arrested the night before yesterday [Friday] and we were arrested in Bure town… around 1 o’clock [Ethiopian time]… somewhere between 1 o’clock and 3 o’clock, and we stayed in the police station until 8 o’clock night time. … we left Bure around 8 o’clock and arrived in Bahir Dar around ten o’clock,” he said.

Eskindir then went to reveal the attempt to drive him to Addis Ababa after they took him out of Bahir Dar police station in the early hours of Saturday and how it failed. From what he said, there were few others with him.

“It is really sad…you can imagine what could have happened if they succeeded in their plans. Those who made the decision and what they were thinking when they did so is not something that I should speak to you about. I leave it for your conscience, for your judgment.”

He said the plan failed because of the people.

“Anyways what they thought failed because of you. Who are you? You are the people,” he said, thanking the crowd that was standing in front of him and on the side of him to hear his account of the incident. (Watch embedded video)

Eskinder was not seen in public for a long time after he announced his resignation as a leader of Balderas party in August 2022.


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  1. As I have said in my previous comment in lieu of him detained, I call upon his closest relatives to have a sit-down with him and relate to him that it is time to spend time with his young son. I am sure there are others who are ready to pick up the baton and keep on going. It is time for him to reflect and be close to child(ren) with a full time father.

  2. the idea is to hassle the people of addis ababa that the opposition to pp is a frightened chicken and that no one can stand against the oromo pp anywhere in addis. well, we’ll see in the next election (if there will be one).

  3. Be careful what you wish for: Do you want to hand Ethiopia to the White Supremacist West’s Dogs to later CRY “Black Lives Matter!” in your Non-Colonial Ancestral Land?

    ጃል Eskinder [አማራ ሸ ኔ] is a Media Businessman running his business via proxies [like planes flying on autopilot]. His family lives abroad out of harm’s way while he stirs trouble in Ethiopia.

    ጃል Eskinder returned from the US with ≈$460,000 raised for ‘Balderas.’ Did he deposit it in that account? Ex-Balderas say, “Millions missing from Balderas’ account in his absence!”

    ጃል Eskinder & ጃል Jawar: Both are Ethiopia’s Enemies [Two sides of same coin]! They use their media to spew Amara-Oromo enmity! ጃል Eskinder is the worse of the two evils since he promotes Amara Supremacy draped in the Ethiopian flag & wearing the General Asaminew Fanno Hat – [አማራ ሸ ኔ].

    ከኢትዮጵያ ችግሮች የባሰ ችግር የሆኑት እኮ – የዘራቸውን ተቆርቋሪ ካባ ለብሶ ለመጣ ሁሉ – እንደ ከበሮ የሚደለቁት፣ አንደ ከብት መንጋ እየተንጋጉ የሚነዱት ፣ እና ዘርን ከዘር የማጋደል ድግስ ለሚደግሱት ደግሞ የመድፍ መኖ ለመሆን [cannon fodder] የሚሽቀዳደሙት ደሐዎች ናቸው!

    • If you really think Eskinder is the problem rather than Abeye then I see a blind follower. First, he formed a civic Organization to advocate for Addis, Abeye was not happy since he thinks it is a political entity covered as Civic Organization. Then, Eskinder changed it to Political entity. Abey arrested him as he new Eskiner is unlike others who wouldn’t be bought. After his release Eskinder thanked Fano for saving Ethiopia from TPLF. Now, he is threatened for his life. Finally, Eskinder left his Party and tried to Organize the people ( I think for popular struggle) in the Amhara Region. What is wrong in all that? He loves freedom and he stepped up the peaceful struggle a notch each time he was challenged. I think the most trust worthy political figure in Ethiopia is Eskinder. I salute him for the wisdom and courage he possesses.

      • Hi Manny,

        Save me ጃል Eskinder’s crocodile tears for Addis/Amara/Orthodox/Ethiopia/etc. He is among the best at making a career out of tragedy! I am trying to avert another mother [like yours] from burying her cannon fodder child. He will capitalize on your death, too!

        Over 15 million Amaras live in Oromia [most from Gojjam & Gonder]. Over 5 million more live in other Zones. So, more Amaras live outside the Amara Zone. Hence, if ጃል Eskinder/ ጃል Zemene/etc. care about Amaras, why do they fuel inter-ethnic animosity?

        Please let us know what ጃል Eskinder/ጃል Zemene/etc. have done for Ethiopia that is remotely comparable to Abiy! I see that they over-stretch Ethiopia’s fledgling defense forces by opening another Proxy War Front on Ethiopia to help Ethiopia’s Enemies!

        BTW, Eskinder enrolled only for one semester [Economics] at the American University. Oh, I’m nobody’s blind follower. My support for Abiy is ≈ 75% ± 5%. See why below!

  4. Given hus poltical of modus operandi and controversies this far, clearly Eskinder is an ethnic Amhara radical nationalist and political provocateur, not holistic and aspiring person
    for leadership at the national level. Does the country needs such divisive personality and ethnic political agitator at this juncture? I think not. It is simply common sense.

  5. Hi Manny, here is my bird’s-eye view of Abyi’s accomplishment!

    Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat despite TPLF/OLF/OLA/IFLO*-staged targeted assassination; COVID; Egypt-WSW*-orchestrated Riots & Proxy Wars; WSW-imposed drastic Birr devaluation; WSW’s embargo/sanctions & aid/loan cancellations; drought; IDPs*; etc.:

    1). Abiy kept TPLF-bankrupted Ethiopia afloat with $1 billion from UAE’s Prince MBZ.

    2). Unlike the EDI*, Abiy REFUSED to sell Ethiopia to Egypt & Egypt’s WSW Patrons. He also repulsed Proxy Wars unleashed via their Dogs: TPLF, OLF/OLA/IFLO, etc.

    3). Child-Friendly Ethiopia: Feeds 10 million students twice a day; gives free school supplies; built many primary & secondary schools with sale from his Medemer* book;

    4). Citizen-Feeding Ethiopia: All-in-one Mega Bakeries built in populous towns sell bread at rock bottom prices; Addis feeds 45,000 twice a day at 15 community centers;

    5). Citizen-Rescuing Ethiopia: Over 700,000 rescued from degrading life & flown home;

    6). Abiy built a World-Class Robust Ethio Defence Force & Law Enforcement Agencies from scratch WHILE dismantling the ones that served-and-protected TPLF for 27 years.

    7). Abiy built World-Class Industrial Parks that employ thousands of Ethiopians: Akaki-Kaliti, Nazret, Awassa, Debre-Berhan, Bahir-Dar, Dire-Dawa, Jimma, etc.

    8). Agriculture has flourished: From begging for wheat to surplus; millions of hectares of mechanized & irrigated farms; farmers got hundreds of farm machinery, pumps, etc.;

    9). Abiy’s Dinner Fund-Raiser Projects for World-Class Parks and Tourism: Mesqel Square, Entoto Park, Unity Park, Friendship Park, Gorgora, Koisha, Wonchi, etc.

    10). Massive miscellaneous projects are completed or on track – AGAINST ALL ODDS:
    i). Electrification [Hydro/Solar/Geo], industrialization, mechanization, communication;
    ii). Addis shot from open-air public toilets [rivers, empty lots, etc.] to world-class city;
    iii). Affordable housing projects, shanty town upgrades, sports facilities, etc.;
    iv). Road Networks: 450 km asphalt in Gojjam alone, Abbay Bridge at Bahir-Dar, etc.

    *IFLO: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia – defunct but embedded in OLF/OLA
    *WSW: White Supremacist West
    *IDP: Internally Displaced People
    *EDI: Ethiopian Diaspora Intellectual
    * First Medemer sale ≈Birr 111 million: fanabc.com/archives/29187

  6. Eskinder has no purpose in life than to steer attention to himself. Just so we don’t forget, he called a meeting of his friends at a hotel to form Balderas. Guess who was the keynote speaker: Eskinder. Guess whose photo adorned stage background: Eskinder, of course. He craves fame. He has only two issues that are non-issues; the non-tplf flag and Addis Ababa is “our” city motto (that is, for non-Oromos). He is a petty demagogue; remember how he used to go around harassing individuals that are Oromo (Engineer Takele, Abiy, Bekele, Adanech). Often, he qouted and acted MLK. Now, he wants to act a Che pretender. Sick.


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