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Adwa Celebration : Local media restricted from using plain Ethiopian flag

Ethiopian Patriots carried  the flag when battling against invading Italian Colonial Army

Adwa Celebration _
Adwa Victory Cerebration in London (Photo : SM)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Federal Ministry of Defense (MoD) disclosed yesterday that it would take responsibility, along with other stakeholders, to direct and supervise the celebration of the 127th anniversary of Adwa Victory. 

Deputy Chief of Staff, General Abebaw Tadesse said ,at a press briefing attended by local media officials and journalists, that as the Victory of Adwa is a symbol of unity, “we should use it to bring about national consensus, to build up the army and to promote tourism for image building.”

General Abebaw said that while releasing media productions journalists and officials should use only pictures of spears and shields with background images of mountains. The ministry will provide the media houses with these images, according to him. 

The General stressed that the media are not allowed to use images and flags other than the ones distributed by the Ministry. He said that using the plain Ethiopian flag (without star in the middle) in particular is strictly restricted.

The deputy Chief of Staff also admonished Journalists to keep themselves away, while reporting, from the Ethiopian plain flag and other forbidden images.

Asked why the public was not allowed to freely celebrate the 127th anniversary of Victory of Adwa, the general said that his ministry would be the responsible body to direct and supervise the celebration of the anniversary in a bid to avoid undesired offense against others. 

Journalists and the media professionals were not allowed to carry into the conference hall cell phones, sound recorders, video cameras except pens and notebooks.

Sources say that the local media are not allowed to use images of Minilik, the Commander-in-Chief of the then Ethiopian Army and his wife Taitu. MoD restricted the media from portraying or using the plain Ethiopian flag during the 127th celebration of Victory of Adwa. The gallant Ethiopian warriors carried this same flag during fighting against the invading Italian colonial force 127 years ago. 

Meanwhile shops and stores around Shiromeda, Addis Ababa, which have been busy selling clothes with imprinted images of Minilik and Taitu and fabrics decorated with Ethiopian flags, are being shut down.

Ethiopia News _ Adwa Victory
Closed stores around Shiromeda, Addis Ababa.

The 127th anniversary of Victory of Adwa will be celebrated colorfully nation-wide on the coming Thursday, the 2nd of March 2023.


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  1. I do not want to thank Crime Monster Abiy Ahmed for his futile effort to suppress and destroy the impossible and indestructible Emperor Menelik countless victory and achievements. But he will get credit for creating more proud and inquisitive youth that kept digging into their great history they inherited from their gallant forefathers.
    The more the Orommuma are going wild the more it made Ethiopians learn more their history and achievements.
    The coward, Crime Monster and the Orommuma stained in blood and who brought ignorance and savegray left the darkest black mark on Oromo Ethiopian history. Every Adwa Victory Celebration Abiy the Terrible and the Orommua are suffering from excruciating pain and agony every time they see, and hear

    News Paper,
    Music recordings
    Gun Manufactory
    Post Offices and Mail persons
    Water faucets
    Flour Mill
    Eucalyptus Trees

    All of these and more are introduced, brought, and built by Emeye Menelik II. May God bless his Soul in the Ever lasting Heaven!!!
    There is a clear disconnect between the people of Ethiopia and all Black people of the World who are proudly sharing Ethiopians Victorious history of Adwa lead by Emperor Menelik II and his gallant wife Etege Taitu and the frozen in 1622 savagery, renegade of the 1622 era, Orommuma with no contribution and pride in themselves.

  2. why are the oromo doing this??????The only people who hate Menelik should be whites so why are these black promos doing their bid? Are they paid mercenaries. what a shame? shame on the banda promos i feel little for you

    • Shintamtel is genocider
      Emperor Menelik II Still unLives!! RIP let him inherit heaven regardless of beautiful souls he massacred
      why are the aamarraa nneftegnaa doing this??????The only people who worship Menelik should be only and only fool aamarraa why are these black ammaraa doing their bid? Are they amahra disporraa paid mercenaries. what a shame? shame on the banda pamarra neftegna i feel little for you aall including borekan bfandaa

      borekan you deletred my previous email bhuda lebbaa hullaa genociders like


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