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Gondar residents express readiness to support Wolkaite-Tegedie Amhara Identity initiative

Residents of Humera demanding for justice for TPLF crime in Wolkait – Tegede (photo /file)

By Staff reporter

ADDIS ABABA – Residents of Gondar made official their stance after a daylong gathering held yesterday that they would fend off an attack that will be perpetrated by the terrorist group, TPLF.

The residents said at the 10-point consensus agreement that the individuals, settled by TPLF, which forcefully displaced the native people of Welkait-Tegede, would never come back again to the area for resettlement. “…we will not allow them to come back again in a bid to perpetrate genocide against our people unless they are here to appear before court,” they said. 

The common standpoint approved by them states that as the question of Wolkite-Tragedie Amhara Identity restoration is absolutely fair and legal, people in the Town of Gonder reached agreement to stand firmly to support the effort to restore the Wolkite-Tegede Amhara Identity. “We vowed to shoulder any missions for the restitution of Wolkaite-Tegedie Amhara Identity,” the Town residents said in their stance.

They also said that they would work to reveal the truth to other people who stand for justice so that they can understand and support their cause. “Reliable and lasting peace can be reinstated when justice prevailed. Therefore, there will be no way for the genocide perpetrators to come again to our native localities in the name of displaced persons.”

The Town residents also made clear their stand that they would fight to the last until the ruling Prosperity Party gives a lasting resolution by applying the available legal provisions and relevant documents. “We know that the invading force, TPLF, failed to learn from its repeated mistakes and is now ready to carry out invasion. We mobilize our people to fend off and reverse the threat thereby ensure our existence.”

Top leading members of Wolkait-Tegede Amhara Identity Restoration Committee, Chief Administrator of Wolkait-Tegede Setit-Humera Zone, Eshet Demilew and Zonal Deputy Administrator including Peace and Security Committee Chair, Colonel Demeke Zewdu were in attendance at the public meeting.


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  1. I call upon all sides of this issue to exercise the utmost restraints and to stay calm first. Then with our historical and legendary balanced judgment the two centuries old fraternal relationship the two upright groups of people can reach amicable solution to share what the Almighty Our Creator gave them. It can be satisfactorily done. Insha’Allah!!!


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